2017 Golden Globes Tomatoes on the Red Carpet

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We love Jimmy Fallon, but honestly thought he fell a bit flat a host of the Golden Globes.  The opening film was a bit of a mess, and most of his on-stage lines fell flat.  We miss Tina and Amy and Rick Gervais.  Leaving politics out of the evening, which is not easy to do, we thought the two best moments of the evening were:

  • Most funny – Kristen Wigg and Steve Carrell’s introduction of the animated awards was laugh out loud funny! We had tears running down our cheeks.  They should host next year.
  • Most touching moment – Viola Davis’s beautiful introduction of Meryl Streep, made us love them both even more.

viola and meryl

So now let’s get to the reason we watch –  the fashions!

Can we say goodbye to the bare breasted look, please?

We were hoping the bare breasted look would go away (although there were less of these dresses.)  These three ladies are beautiful and don’t need this look.  Jessica Biel’s dress was stunning and would have been more so with a little boob coverage.

Kirsten Bell

Mandy Moore

Jessica Biel

Those HOT and Not So Hot Tomatoes

Annette Benning looked beautiful in this metallic gown. Goldie Hawn showed she is still hot, at 71! , Julia Louie Dreyfus never disappoints and we loved the drama of the black and white. Viola Davis was absolutely stunning in this yellow gown!  And much as we love Meryl Streep, her awards show gowns nearly always miss the mark, and this year’s Givenchy haute couture choice was no exception. It made her look bulky and older. But then again, it wasn’t her gown that got all the attention this year, so maybe that’s a good thing.

Julia Louis-Drefus

Annette Bening

Viola Davis

Goldie Hawn

Meryl Streep

The Most Beautiful Dresses & Looks of the Evening

Kerry Washington always take a risk and we love this one.  Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, and Claire Foy worn gowns that perfectly suited them –  they wore the gowns, the gown did not wear them.  And our favorite dress of the evening goes to Oliva Culpo (former Miss Universe) – a stunning work of art.

Kerry Washington

Claire Foy

Michelle Williams

Emma Stome

Olivia Culpo

Couture that Tries Too Hard

We think the always fashion forward Sarah Jessica Parker, missed the boat with this one.  And we didn’t love that she had her beautiful flowing hair in this braided updo either.  And we’re not quite sure why this dress didn’t work for Nicole Kidman – she’s beautiful, the dress is beautiful, it just wasn’t right for her. She needs some color.

Sara Jessica Parker

Nicole Kidman with hubby Keith Urban


What did you like best? Leave your comments.


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