A moment, a pause, a breath.

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A moment, a pause, a breath.Labor Day came and went, the Jewish holidays immediately followed, and then New York was placed in lock down mode for days and days. I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. Have you?

After being detained in frozen zones, stuck in endless traffic jams and hearing screaming sirens over and over again,  I am going to take the opportunity today to just be. Nothing to report, discover, scrutinize or extol. I am guessing, you may need the space too.

Okay, let’s take some deep, healing breaths together, have a cup of chai tea, enjoy meditative music and breathe. After all, the thick of the Broadway season, when I am out and about checking out the latest shows, kicks in next week.

So, for now, as we are seated in a nice comfortable position, placing the palms of our hands together….Namaste.

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