Magic Numbers: An Intriguing Romantic Novel

An Intriguing Romantic Novel, Magic Numbers, Deb Hosey White, The Three Tomatoes

In her new romance novel, Magic Numbers, 3T travel contributor Deb Hosey White, takes a detour from writing travel books with her husband, and it’s a road well taken. Deb has created an intriguing romantic novel, with unexpected twists and turns. Merlin McHenry believes everyone has a Magic Number. A gifted student of risk, probability and beautiful women, he loves Star Wars, collects board games and worships Stephen Hawking. But math makes Nance Elliott nauseous. A chance meeting in a park near a college campus between Merlin McHenry and Nance Elliot, leads to an afternoon and evening that ends with both of them feeling they are destined to be together. And then life intercedes.

Nance leaves assured that they will see each other again soon, and only when she gets home, does she realizes they never exchanged phone numbers or contact info. Real life intercedes and the chances that they will find each other again, dims over time. This story weaves back and forth between Merlin’s story and Nance’s story, and the ending will leave you wanting more. Well the good news, is that a sequel is in the works. Download the book now.

About the author: 
Deb Hosey White is an executive management consultant with over thirty years experience working for Fortune 1000 companies. She is the author of Pink Slips and Parting Gifts, a workplace novel based upon those experiences. With English ancestors on both sides of her family, Deb is a serious Anglophile and an avid traveler. She and her husband David Steart White, have co-authored several travel books including Beyond Downtown Abbey and Portugal, a tale of Small Cities. They write a travel column for The Three Tomatoes.

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