LA LIFE: Eastside Food, Getty Festival, Cemetery Tour, Free Trees

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The “Eastside Food Festival” is the chance for LA Tomato foodies to learn about the Eastside’s evolving culture and neighborhoods and a big treat for your taste buds. With Halloween in the air, an Art Deco Society “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Tour” might be just the thing to get you in the mood. And “The Getty Family Festival” has a plethora of great activities celebrating and exploring Latin America. Despite the hot temps this week Tomatoes, it is fall and planting time so “City Plants” is back with FREE trees to keep you shaded, cool and green. Trees never stop giving back and provide much needed solace and healing.  Let’s hear a round of applause for TREES Tomatoes!

October 21 and beyond. FREE TREES 

LA LIFE: Eastside Food, Getty Festival, Cemetery Tour, Free Trees

If you have got a hankerin’ to plant a tree now’s a good time Tomatoes.  City Plants, whose mission is to expand and maintain LA’s green canopy to promote healthy living, maximize energy efficiency and to create jobs, helps accomplish these goals by hosting tree adoption events where you can take home a free tree! And there’s one this weekend gals! Yippee! Be free, be green and be there tomatoes.

They will also be planting trees in the park that day. Can’t make it to a tree giveaway event? Don’t worry, you can also order a free shade tree to plant and it will be delivered to your home, business or neighborhood.  As you know trees in a garden center are expensive but City Plants changes that by offering a great chance for Tomatoes to be a part of creating a larger green canopy one tree at a time with no cost to you. And planting a tree is a perfect way to honor all the California trees lost to the black beetle and wildfires and to honor human lives lost. Trees rock in limitless ways gals.

October 21. Getty Family Festival

LA LIFE: Eastside Food, Getty Festival, Cemetery Tour, Free Trees

This is a BIG and Varied and FREE Celebration of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA with a ton of interactive fun.  You can watch world renowned dancers and experience the magic of the Tango, Tomatoes can learn the traditional “friendship dance”, learn about classical Aztec dress and jewelry, experience the richness of Brazilian culture and on and on it goes.  The depth and amount of super-cool cultural Latin experiences offered blows my mind Tomatoes.

And you can do it all surrounded by the beautiful Getty Center. And while you are there you should take the time to enjoy the many Latin exhibitions (“Photography in Argentina, 1850–2010”, “The Metropolis in Latin America, 1830–1930”, and “Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas”) that will only serve to further enhance your experience of The Family Festival Tomatoes.

October 21. Art Deco Cemetery Tour

LA LIFE: Eastside Food, Getty Festival, Cemetery Tour, Free TreesThe Art Deco Society of Los Angeles returns to the fascinating Hollywood Forever Cemetery to share the life stories (including the scandals!) of early Hollywood’s pioneers, movie stars and moguls such as Cecil B. Demille, Marion Davies, Tyrone Power, Rudolph Valentino, Peter Lorre, John Huston, Clifton Webb, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney to name just a few.  It’s a wonderful way to pay your respects to the Hollywood culture and the stars of yesteryear that will live in our history and hearts forever Tomatoes.

The cemetery of choice for most of the founders of Hollywood’s great studios, as well as writers, directors, and, performers, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of the oldest (established in 1899) and historically significant cemeteries in LA and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. The list of Hollywood Icons resting there is staggering.

Unlike most modern cemeteries, Hollywood Forever isn’t a “lawn park” but is still picturesque and peaceful with an amazing collection of tall, old-fashioned standing headstones, towering monuments and statues, including a few unusual ones shaped like obelisks and a rocket ship. There are other guided walking tours of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery available if you miss this weeks hosted by the LA Art Deco Society. I’ve never been, shame on me, but I’m putting it on my “To Do” list Tomatoes.

October 22. Eastside Food Fest  

LA LIFE: Eastside Food, Getty Festival, Cemetery Tour, Free Trees

The Eastside Food Festival celebrates the best stars of LA’s lively culinary scene with 30+ amazing local vendors, restaurants, celebrity chefs, caterers and more. If you love food tomatoes, with diverse tastes from local neighborhood businesses, supporting local sustainability and learning about food, then this is the place to be.

It’s also enticing because it’s a benefit for “People Assisting the Homeless”, aka Path, a very worthy organization. I LOVE eating for some good cause Tomatoes. PATH is a family of agencies working together to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. They do this by building housing and providing supportive services in 22 locations from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.

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