LA LIFE: Epic Day, Diamonds, Elephants

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TOMATOES! We’ve been together 4 wonderful years. Enjoy the Anniversary Video Gals! There is still time to get discounted tickets for Marcy Cole’s “Epic Day” event.  The author of “Swimming with Elephants” will be speaking and signing her book in Pasadena. And head to the Natural History Museum for the rarest colorful diamonds.  Me thinks that might tickle your fancy. Details below.

 Green Diamonds

LA LIFE: Epic Day, Diamonds, Elephants

I’ve never met a diamond I didn’t like. Well, Tomatoes, NHMLA’s Gem and Mineral Vault is shining a light on a wide variety of rare and alluring Green Diamonds and their natural and green radiance. Yep, we have a chance to get up close and personal with diamonds that are green! Be still my heart ladies.

It is said that the science behind these diamonds is as mesmerizing as they are and you can watch the transformation from rock to smooth gemstone in live demonstrations. Tomatoes can also take part in a special guided tour of the Gem Vault and design your own bling with hands-on activities for the whole family. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about gals!

Feb 16.  Swimming with Elephants

LA LIFE: Epic Day, Diamonds, ElephantsWhat a magical experience that would be, right?! However, we might have to read the memoir, “Swimming with Elephants: My Unexpected Pilgrimage from Physician to Healer” instead. Better yet, you can hear the author, Sarah Bamford Seidelman, speak and sign your book at the exceptional Vromans Independent Bookstore in Pasadena. Just wish the Elephants were going to be there. LOL.

“A glittering, honest account of what it means to search and also to find. If you are a dreamer, or an overworked parent, if you are someone who recognizes the magic in animals or wonders what it would be like to make a truly bold choice even if you are halfway down your life’s path, please pick up this beautiful book!” ―Sara Corbett, coauthor of New York Times bestselling A House in the Sky. I believe this review reflects the positive reviews praising “Swimming with Elephants”. It sounds like an inspirational and wacky ride and you can hear all about it Tomatoes at Vromans on Tuesday.

Feb. 17. Epic Day

LA LIFE: Epic Day, Diamonds, Elephants

Tomatoes can still get a discount on tickets for this not-to-be missed event if you reserve by Jan 15. Woo hoo go for it! “Epic Day” will be filled with star studded speakers and life mastery galvanizers offering great advice to kick off your New Year. You deserve to treat yourself to this epic day of continuous Inspiration, fabulous entertainment, mind blowing food for thought while connecting, collaborating and celebrating ole friends and new! The sooner you reserve tomatoes the better. You can thank Marcy Cole of First Tuesday LA for presenting “Epic Day”.  Get the details.


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