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Being women and moms ourselves here at the Three Tomatoes, this category holds a special place in our hearts.

10441160_707436402636014_3350509142657307638_nShane’s Inspiration

Shane’s Inspiration’s vision is to foster a bias-free world for children with disabilities by creating inclusive playgrounds and programs that unite children of all abilities. After losing their son to spinal muscular atrophy only 2 weeks after his birth, Catherine Curry-Williams and Scott Williams were searching for a way to honor their son’s life when they realized there were no truly accessible playgrounds for children with disabilities in the Western US. In 2000 Catherine and Scott cut the ribbon on the first Universally Accessible Playground in LA’s Griffith Park, calling it “Shane’s Inspiration Playground” and now there’s a network of 63 inclusive playgrounds throughout the world, with another 75 in development.


There are currently over 18 million double orphans worldwide. The mission of CMomA is to advocate for these children by helping to foster their connection with childless single women, men, and couples, through adoption, educational sponsorship, hosting and mentorship. Their mission is to heal the wounds & enhance the lives of many children. The Program Initiatives include:  1):  The Grant Program:  Providing $5000 in financial aid to childless single women, men and couples adopting older and/or special needs children. 2):  CMomA Post Adoption Transitional Help Program (P.A.T.H) 3):  The CMomA Voluntourism Program

email_casala_logo CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children)

Foster Children have a better chance in life because of CASA. CASA’s mission is to mobilize community volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children in Los Angeles. My dear friend Molly Cheek is one of those CASA volunteer advocates and she provides a constant adult anchor in the life of a neglected and abused child helping to alleviate their feelings of abandonment and alienation and giving these scarred children a solid opportunity to thrive. Molly and the volunteers like her have an enormous impact on the development of these children at all ages. Nowhere in the nation is the problem of child neglect and abuse greater than in Los Angeles County, where 30,000 children are under the jurisdiction of the Dependency Court and CASA seeks to reduce and reverse the effects of child abuse and neglect.

Rainbow Serviceslogo-4

In South Bay’s safe harbor, Rainbow Services, along with other domestic violence agencies, is part of a network that aims to keep families safe and end the cycle of family violence. They have been providing shelter, support and assistance for women and children dealing with family violence for 33 years so they can transition to stability and independence.   They have two shelters, a 30-day emergency shelter called Rainbow House and a transitional shelter where victims and their children may remain for up to one year called Villa Paloma. They also have counseling, case management, parenting classes, life-skills classes, and several Children’s Programs.

10993119_374133052777491_8830935333625930018_o1736 Family Crisis Center
1736 Family Crisis Center programs are developed in a proactive approach amongst their highly-skilled staff. They strive to rescue the lives of those affected by homelessness, running away, domestic violence, labor and sex trafficking, and low-income by giving support, guidance, shelter, food, clothing and education with various programs and resources that will provide strength and knowledge to sustain their lives. 1736 Family Crisis Center designs a plan to address the varying needs of today of their clients while keeping their eyes on the issues that will soon need attention so the clients can build a brighter tomorrow and sustain the progress and success they’ve gained.

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