Must Have Closet Organizing Gear

As most of us start transitioning our winter clothes to spring and summer, now is a perfect time to think about storage and organizing our closets and drawers.  Here are a few items that will make it easy to at least start off the new season with a semblance of organization.  It’s up to you to keep it that way tomatoes.  Need some organizing tips? Check out this post,  How to Solve Your Messy Closet Dilemma Once and for All. 

 Portable Closet Storage Organizer

Must Have Closet Organizing GearWow.  If you’ve run out closet room for seasonal clothes storage, check out this portable closet. It’s just $29 and it will store bulky winter coats ,  evening gowns, sweaters, dresses, and shoes!  And it’s sturdy too.  The breathable design prevents mildew so your clothes will stay in top condition.   $28.95 Amazon.

Organize Your Lingerie

Must Have Closet Organizing GearIf your lingerie drawers are a jumbled mess, check out these adjustable storage boxes.  The whole boxes are made of non-woven fabric, which is moth-proof, mold-proof, moisture-proof, and very durable. The removal square boards are made of PP (Polypropylene), which is high heat-proof, smooth and light. There are 4 set of these boxes, 6 cell one for underwear; 8 cell one for socks, 24 cell one for scarves, accessories; another big 6 cell one for bras. $13.99 Amazon.

No Wire Hangers!!

One secret to a well-organized closet, and well-kept clothes, is to have the right hangers.  Here are few that fill the bill.

Hang Your Tank Tops, Cami, Strappy Dresses

Must Have Closet Organizing GearCan’t tell you how many times we’ve found a strappy dress on the closet floor.  Love this simple hanger that lets you hang up to 8 strappy items.  $9.99 Amazon.

Velvet Hangers

Must Have Closet Organizing GearVelvet hangers are a dream.  First, they take up a lot less space than wooden hangers, they hold up to 10 pounds (perfect for coats), and they’re non-slip. Get 25 hangers for $22.33 at Amazon.

Padded Hangers

Must Have Closet Organizing GearHave you ever had a knit dress or sweater ruined by a hanger? Well bring on the padded hangers.  Love these leopard ones. $19.99 for 10.

Hang Your Handbags

Must Have Closet Organizing GearHere’s an easy way to keep your handbags in good shape and easy to find.  Hang them in your closet on shower hooks.  You can even buy a spring rod and hang it high or low.  Here’s a set of chrome T-Bar shower hooks that hold your bags. Set of 12, $9.59 Amazon.

Keep Your Boots in Shape

Must Have Closet Organizing GearThese Cedar Fresh Boot Shapers protect your footwear investment by keeping every boot in ideal strutting shape. You get four shapers to support 2 pairs of boots. These sturdy, flexible plastic shapers roll and fit inside ankle, calf, and knee-boots. $6.67 for 2.

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