NYC Life:  Butterflies, Art Fairs, & Politics

Well happy Labor Day weekend to all. If you’re looking for some “arty” things to do this weekend, check out the art fairs on Governor’s Island and Washington Square Park. The butterflies are back at the Museum of Natural History and San Gennaro starts next week. And no matter what your political party, tomatoes can all agree that we need more women in public office. And guess what? There’s a course for women who are ready to run for office. Here are this week’s event highlights.

NYC Life:  Butterflies, Art Fairs, & PoliticsReady to Run for Political Office?

National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC-NY) is offering a series of Saturday classes that start on Sept. 19 for women who are thinking about running for office.  This is an amazing opportunity and we need more women prepared to run.  Registration ends 9/15.  Classes are Saturdays from Sept. 19 to Nov. 21. The Murphy Institute/CUNY, 25 West 43rd, NYC.  Get all the details.

Opening Sept. 5 – The Butterflies at Back.

This will be the 20th year of the butterfly exhbit at the American Museum of Natural History.  It’s one of their most popular seasonal exhibitions.  They recreate a rain forest filled with hundreds of beautifiul butterflies who fly around and land on you.  Kids and grownups love it.  Get more details. Watch this cool video.


Sept. 5-6. Governors Island Art Fair.

NYC Life:  Butterflies, Art Fairs, & PoliticsView paintings, photography, sculpture and art installations while exploring 100 rooms within the abandoned military barracks on Governors Island this weekend. This is the first weekend of the month-long art fair. Get more details.

Sept. 5-7.  Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit.

NYC Life:  Butterflies, Art Fairs, & PoliticsCraftmakers and visual artists will showcase their work at this sidewalk art show — not to be confused with a street fair, the organizers are quick to specify. Fun fact: Interior designer Jonathan Adler lives nearby and recently told Ad Week that whenever he passes by this particular art show, he remembers when he “started out as a potter, as an outsider who never expected to make a living at all [and] was certain he’d be… hawking [his] wares at rain-soaked craft fairs.” Get more details.

September 10–20 Feast of San Gennaro 
NYC Life:  Butterflies, Art Fairs, & PoliticsNow in its 89th year, Little Italy’s Feast of San Gennaro salutes the patron saint of Naples with 11 days of celebrations on the streets of historic Little Italy, the lower Manhattan neighborhood which served as the first home in America for hundreds of thousands of Italian immigrants who came here seeking to improve their lives beginning in the early part of the 20th century. Enjoy traditional food, music, and cooking demonstrations.  Get more details.

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