SF LIFE: Gifts Galore, Madwoman, Santaland Diaries

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Ho! Ho! Ho! – It is time to gift those we love, those whom we appreciate and those who make our lives easier. I have found some items and experiences for some of my friends and I’m sharing here! The Madwoman in the Volvo, a play by Sandra Tsing Loh comes to Berkeley Rep. Menopause and aging will never look the same again. More hilarity ensues as David Sedaris’ The Santaland Diaries returns to SF, great way to relieve any stress this upcoming season may cause!

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts,

I am often overwhelmed when it comes to the art of gift giving. So many choices and I do not like to just give a gift that will be recycled, returned or rejected. I put a lot of thought into each person and what would make their heart soar when they open my gift. I also enjoy giving gifts that originated locally. Following are some ideas for you. Maybe you will like them or maybe they will inspire you to search for the perfect something for your in-laws, children, partner, and manicurist. Happy shopping!


SF LIFE: Gifts Galore, Madwoman, Santaland DiariesOne of my favorite sites, mentioned before in my weekly chat with you, is VERLOCAL. Experiences and adventures for all. One stand out that inspires me is the couple’s wood-inlay map-making workshop. You leave with a woodcut map based on one of your favorite places. You will learn the art of fine wood marquetry while spending time with your loved one.

This 2-3  hour workshop takes place in the city and you will be fully supervised while you inlay wood pieces and more. The class would make a great gift for a newly engaged or newly married relative. Get the details.


SF LIFE: Gifts Galore, Madwoman, Santaland Diaries

By now you are probably aware that Ayesha Curry (not only gorgeous and delightful and married to our own dear Steph) has penned a cookbook, The Seasoned Life. Filled with her favorite recipes, family anecdotes and photos, you are invited into her busy life while she preaches the importance of good food and how it brings people together.

Gifting this along with a cooking class, or favorite find from Sur La Table will brighten any food lover’s day. Get the book.


naked gem

Do you have the one friend who is always in downward dog, cleansing her chakras, or meditating?  The perfect gift for her was created by a local (Atherton) young “tomato in training”, Victoria Larkins. Her naked gem necklaces are not only stunning, they are filled with meaning and intention. I recently purchased my own naked gem; gifted one and we both LOVE it.

Worn also by famous tomato Goldie Hawn, you will be in great company. Once you select the gem that speaks to you, you infuse your own mantra or intention into the necklace helping you live the most intentional life you can. Every time you touch it or see it you remember what really matters to you. Beauty found here: www.shopsankalpa.com

Now thru Dec. 27. The Santaland Diaries

SF LIFE: Gifts Galore, Madwoman, Santaland DiariesReturning to The Eureka Theatre for it’s 15th year, The Santaland Diaries will have you laughing in the aisles this holiday season. Its number one objective is to remove any and all stress, what stress? Written by David Sedaris, this is a well-loved tale of Crumpet the Elf’s adventures at Macy’s.

Based on Sedaris’ two seasons working as an elf in Macy’s in NYC, the tale was first broadcast on NPR in 1992. The laughter lives on in this play about the intersection of Christmas and retail. Had enough of holly jolly snowflakes and Santas? This hysterical and somewhat cynical solo show offers the perfect antidote to anyone suffering from cutesy holiday overload!  Get tickets.

Dec. 13-Jan. 15. The Madwoman in The Volvo

SF LIFE: Gifts Galore, Madwoman, Santaland DiariesSandra Tsing Loh, a delightful NPR personality and memoirist takes us through a totally candid, entertaining and enlightening road trip through what she refers to as the triple M’s – middle age, menopause, and motherhood. Portraying all the different peeps in her life are Caroline Aaron and Shannon Hold. They are BFF’s, ex-husband, lover, therapist, daughters and more.

Of course, this play is based upon her own life experiences; having an affair, meltdowns on the side of the road, despairing over the death of her children’s pet hamster and more outrageous and hilarious menopause and mid-life moments. Tomatoes this is the play for us! A great gift idea for your besties! Get tickets.

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