SF LIFE: Wearable Art, Memoir Writing, Tofu Fest, Science and Music

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Who doesn’t love to wear something unique?  The Art of Fashion in San Jose brings a show of one of a kind wearable art (this tomato is modeling!) to the Armory.  If you think your story is worth telling, learn how to craft it in a Memoir writing class; maybe it will be good enough to publish! Vegetarians applaud for the tofu and soy festival tomorrow. For something out of this world tonight, science and music combine to combat climate change at Grace Cathedral.

June 18. The Art of Fashion

Saturday June 18th 7 p.m. | The Armory, San Jose

SF LIFE: Wearable Art, Memoir Writing, Tofu Fest, Science and Music

A new friend of mine Ellen Brooke found her artistic passion about 10 years ago after a life in the corporate world. Now her handmade luxuriously down to earth silk accessories and apparel will be featured in a fashion show in collaboration with Content Magazine. The Art of Fashion produces some of the most unusual fashion shows, showcasing the work of cutting edge fashion designers and artists’ one-of-a kind wearable art pieces. This special showing is the preview of a larger collection that will be shown on the closing night of the 2016 Anne & Mark’s Art Party this fall.

Needless to say, “real” people of all ages will be modeling the fashions and I will proudly be strutting the catwalk in Ellen’s gorgeous hand painted silk items. Small bites, no-host bar, live and DJ music included in the fun. Tickets $20.

Memorable Memoir

SF LIFE: Wearable Art, Memoir Writing, Tofu Fest, Science and Music

We all have a story to tell and if you feel the urge to share it but don’t know where to start, then this five-week memoir workshop can help you on your literary journey. Created and led by Melissa Cistaro, author and memoirist, you will explore techniques for making the truth more compelling than fiction.  Lectures along with writing exercises will help you get to the core of your story.

Even if you weren’t an English major oh so many years ago, you will learn how to craft a story to take what you know to the next level. Even if you have some painful stories and experiences, Melissa will show you how to craft a story with humor and vulnerability. Sounds better than therapy!

Get more information.

June 4. Soy and Tofu Festival

Event Center Saint Mary’s Cathedral | 1111 Gough St.

SF LIFE: Wearable Art, Memoir Writing, Tofu Fest, Science and MusicThis is absolutely my kind of event. Delicious soy and tofu food treats prevail. I am a huge lover of tofu in all it’s incarnations and this festival features food you would never imagine included tofu. Tofu white chocolate mousse and kinako brownie cake were two of the dessert competition finalists last year.

If tofu isn’t your thing, you are sure to love the Taiko drummers, violinists, and other musicians entertaining event goers. This exciting culinary and cultural event also provides educational info on the various uses and benefits of soy and tofu. And if you are up for it, there are tofu-eating contests! Get more information.

June 3. The Climate Music Project

Grace Cathedral 7 p.m.

SF LIFE: Wearable Art, Memoir Writing, Tofu Fest, Science and Music

If you find yourself with an empty calendar tonight, The Climate Music Project is performing at the magnificent Grace Cathedral. Founded by local sculptor Stephan Crawford, this project is a collaboration of science and art that performs and creates science-inspired music about the effects of global warming. According to those in the know, the audience feels like they’re zooming through the empty chill of space, then homing into our tiny Earth with bird songs mixed with violin (reminiscent of those days long ago when all was right with the climate!)

Finally, to indicate the global warming we are now experiencing, the music gets faster, stranger and more dissonant. With the acoustics in Grace Cathedral, this is sure to be a dynamic evening. For tickets and information.

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