Who Rocked the Oscars?

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Well let’s start with Chris Rock who had the unenviable job of hosting this year’s Oscars in the midst of  Hollywood’s lack of diversity controversy.  We thought he did a brilliant job.  He addressed it head on, he was funny, he made the serious points, and he did it without anger, and in a way that made us think. And this year’s show overall, was much more entertaining than it has been in years, although it is still way too long!  One of the highlights of the evening was Lady Gaga’s powerful song “Till it Happens to You” for people who have been victims of sexual assault.  There were few surprises in the awards, and Leo finally got his Oscar!

This was also the year on the Red Carpet when actresses weren’t being asked “who are you wearing” so they could talk about other earth shattering Hollywood type things.  But, we have to say, one of the best comments of the evening came from Kerry Washington on the red carpet, who said that diversity is not just about people of color, but women and ageism too! Well said Kerry.

Now onto the earth shattering reviews of who wore what best, or not.  And we’re telling who they were wearing.

The Best Young Looks of the Evening

Who Rocked the Oscars?

All of these beautiful young actresses looked divine. Alicia Vikander’s yellow custom Louis Vuitton gown with the lifted front head was stunning.  Mindy Kaling’s color blocked gown by Elizabeth Kennedy is very dramatic. Olivia Munn was absolutely stunning, sexy, and lady like too in Stella McCartney.

Who Rocked the Oscars?

Jennifer Lawrence was picture perfect in Dior. We love the color of Brie Larson’s Gucci accessorized with a belt.  Saoirse Ronan looked adorable in her low maintenance hair and gorgeous emerald beaded custom Calvin Klein dress, a nod to her Irish roots.

The “Knocked It Out of the Ballpark”

Who Rocked the Oscars?

Well not everyone will agree, but we love Cate Blanchett’s Armani Prive gown.  Yes, it has a lot going on, but in a really good way. And while we’re not big fans of the plunging neckline, Charlize Theron’s addition of the long diamond necklace to her Dior gown made it a standout. And we loved Kerry Washington’s leather top and white flowing gown by Atelier Versace and her pony tail too – just stunning –  even though a lot of the fashion critics thought it wasn’t Oscar night worthy.

Who Rocked the Oscars?

Lady Gaga definitely looks like a lady these days and we love her daring fashion forward pants with the gown by Brandon Maxwell. And we hope Ben Affleck is eating his heart out because his ex, Jennifer Garner was simply a vision in Atelier Versace.

Most improved on the Red Carpet

Who Rocked the Oscars?

Tina Fey has had a lot of misses, but this purple Atelier Versace is not one of them.

Missed the Mark

Who Rocked the Oscars?

Reese Witherspoon had too much stuff going on with her bodice.  And while we love Julianne Moore’s vintage Chanel, the black is a bit boring on her.  Kate Winslet just needs to add the whip to complete this latex look.

Who Rocked the Oscars?This grey dull Armani Prive does absolutely nothing for the fabulous actress Charlotte Rampling.  And Sofia Vergara, who has the world’s best body, needs to stop dressing like a Disney Princess like this gown by Marchesa.

What were they thinking?

Who Rocked the Oscars?

Rooney Mara could take lessons from some of the other young actresses who wore gowns that flatter their youth and bodies. Amy Poehler looks like she should be serving tea in a Geisha tea house.  And the worst dressed award, hands down goes to Heidi Klum.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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  1. marilyn says:

    Rooney Mara looked sensational, very sophisticated and perfect! Didn’t like Kerry Washington’s dress, she generally does much better and you forgot the actress from Quantico (forgot her name), she looked sensational!

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