Bringing Back the Joy of Shopping at Encore Nouveau

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 shopping at Encore Nouveau, womens clothes, womens accessories, debbie zipp, the three tomatoes

All you Los Angeles tomatoes out there will fall in love with Encore Nouveau which is a great little store that offers women’s clothing and accessories and much more. I love this store and the high quality selections and this tomato especially loves the prices. But it is the extra something that they supply that makes this store so so special.

Encore Nouveau is not just a store, it’s a lifestyle. Kathleen Bailey and Susan Cade, the owners, truly believe in the beauty of all women at any age with all their different shapes and sizes! It shows, not just in the service and the clothing they offer, but also in the intimate and charming French/English Cottage decor.

 shopping at Encore Nouveau, womens clothes, debbie zipp, the three tomatoes

Feels more like a home which includes a cute kitchen with tea or coffee and cookies at the ready and cushy sofa and chairs to sink in to in the heart of the amazing and vast collection of clothing and accessories. A place where you can totally loose track of time and they never make you feel rushed when you are browsing or trying things on and they are never pushy trying to get you to buy.

They enjoy your experience as much as you do. They want to make sure that whatever you purchase fits right and totally flatters you. And if it doesn’t suit or flatter you…they don’t want you to buy it. Friendly and honest expertise, which is not always easy to find.

The collections are a unique mixture of retail and resale fashions, including the hottest trends from LA fashion district sample sales. They distinguish themselves by not being a consignment store or buying from the public. Encore Nouveau has a buyer whom works with other stores as clients for the pieces. They also carry jewelry and accessories from new designers, wardrobe stylist’s closets, and an occasional touch of vintage flare. New items are added weekly, and they are ever changing to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Whether you’re looking to be dressed up for a special occasion, or you want to build your wardrobe, their Styling Services are just the thing you need without the enormous cost of a freelance personal stylist. Their Styling Services are FREE when you purchase a $100.00 Encore Nouveau gift certificate and it doesn’t have to be used in one visit. That’s amazing and $100 will buy a lot at this store.

For many tomatoes, shopping feels like a task, not for me of course, but for many. Well, it will never feel like a chore at Encore Nouveau. They make it fun and happy. It feels more like you are visiting friends to have tea and play dress up in an elegant and chic domain. And tomatoes… you will leave feeling so good about yourself even if you don’t buy a thing.

Encore Nouveau
3322 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank CA 91505





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