Goodwill Hunting

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LA Shopping, LA thrift shops, goodwill shop, National Council of Jewish Women, Salvation Army, Charity Thrift ShopsOr should I say … Goodwill Shopping. Hear me out. Charity thrift stores, like The Goodwill, The Discover (Cancer), The NCJW/LA (National Council of Jewish Women) the Salvation Army or any Charity Thrift Shops, are the best deal in town, any time. My closet, house and garden are filled with many cherished pieces of clothing, accessories and decorative accents that came from charity thrift shops such as these. It just takes a discriminating eye, patience, and an ability to shop in a humdrum environment when searching for your buried treasure. For instance, I found this felt embellished jacket (pictured above) that I found at a local Goodwill shop in pristine condition for under $10. Not only are the deals really cheap in price but your shopping bill is tax deductible, and at the same time you are giving to a good cause. A big win in every way. It’s as close to free as you’re going to get gals.

LA Shopping, LA thrift shops, goodwill shop, National Council of Jewish Women, Salvation Army, Charity Thrift Shops

That old cliché “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” really holds true at least for me. Above are a few more of the treasures I recently purchased at a charity thrift shop: (left to right) Garden Gnomes, Pewter candle sticks, Vintage St. John dress, lined dress slacks. There were 6 garden gnomes at my Goodwill and I immediately skipped to them and so did another patron. No fighting ensued I assure you. We just decided to split them evenly. Of course I would have preferred all 6 but then again that might have added a little scariness to my garden. A few tips:

  1. You have to be truly patient sifting through the racks to find your size because the majority of thrift stores don’t organize by size but usually by type of clothing and sometimes color.
  2. To get the clothing looking new and feeling fresh you will want to wash or dry clean your purchase immediately and it will turn out great if you have chosen well. When you consider you only spent $5-$10 then adding on the dry cleaning cost still makes it WAY cheaper.
  3. Some charity thrift shops have discount days for those of us that are over a certain age. The age and the discount day may vary with each shop but that is definitely worth checking out.

And, if you are suffering from shopping withdrawal and need to fill that need to browse and just buy…SOMETHING…this is a perfect way to satisfy that momentary hunger without doing too much damage to your finances. You never know tomatoes what gem you might uncover.

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