The Tory Burch Flagship Store in Beverly Hills

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The Tory Burch Flagship Store in Beverly Hills, debbie zipp, cheryl benton, roni jenkins, the three tomatoes

West Coast Tomato Debbie Zipp with the East Coast Tomatoes, Cheryl Benton and Roni Jenkins play dress up in Tory Burch.

The Three Tomatoes got the VIP treatment at the new flagship Tory Burch store on the infamous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Woo Hoo! What an incredible experience. Cheryl Benton, Founder and Publisher, and Roni Jenkins, Co-Partner and Marketing Director, the original tomatoes were in town for the LA Life newsletter launch party and wanted to visit the TORY BURCH store which we found out just opened in November of 2013 in Beverly Hills. It is a very intimate and immaculately designed 3 level store in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Upon seeing the TORY Burch store we were compelled to visit it first. Sunglasses were looked at first and then we moved to the shoes. Which are works of art, by the way. Being an infamous bargain hunter, retail was clearly out of my realm but I still appreciate the artistry that goes into the design of each piece. I just try to find them in discount stores. However, this was a dream retail experience for all of us.

Tory Burch is tops in the design world in our opinions! And so is Malcolm Mensah, the store manager. He enthusiastically informed us that the eye popping magnificent shoes, we were gazing upon with hungry eyes, were part of the collection that Tory Burch specifically designed for the Beverly Hills store, ONLY. How cool is that?

The New York Tomatoes, Cheryl and Roni, were able to bond with Malcolm because he had just moved from New York to manage this store. So welcome to LA Malcolm and thank you for treating us like celebrities. You created a lovely, friendly and intimate experience amidst the hustle and bustle and often intimidating and snobby Beverly Hills. Malcolm made me feel like I belonged.

The Tory Burch Flagship Store in Beverly Hills, debbie zipp, cheryl benton, roni jenkins, the three tomatoesNow, if you are a tourist and want to take home a special souvenir that is a work of art and will never go out of style then purchasing those signature Tory Burch shoes is indeed the thing to do without any regrets. So that is exactly what one of the New York Tomatoes did! Yeah!

The Tory Burch Flagship Store in Beverly Hills, debbie zipp, cheryl benton, roni jenkins, the three tomatoesWe even got a tour of the 3rd floor VIP patio and sitting room, which has been graced by an array of top celebs. Well ladies let the history books show that The Three Tomatoes have now been to the top in Beverly Hills. So if you aren’t a tourist and have the dough to splurge on something extraordinarily beautiful that creates a one time special memory then this is the place because her stuff is worth it. And be sure to ask for Malcolm Mensah because he is the manager with the mostess and a true delight. And after that we didn’t need to visit any other Beverly Hills stores.

Tory Burch Rodeo Drive Flagship Store, 366 N. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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