6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

‘Tis the season for photo taking.  We all want to look our best, so I went to our friend Annie Watt, one of the top society photographers in NYC, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and Palm Beach for her expert advice. I first met Annie at a charity event a few years back, when she taught me the “turtle” neck, and what a difference that makes.  Annie is now known as the “posing expert” and in a recent photo shoot (she took new headshots of me) I got her to share a few of her tips.

Cure for the “I Hate My Neck.”

We all have those photos that make us look like we have a double chin even if we don’t.  Sometimes it’s the camera angle (which should always be at eye level, not looking up from a lower point) but here’s Annie’s trick, and it works.  She calls it the “turtle neck”.  Stick your chin out like a turtle –  it may feel awkward at first, but it really makes a difference.

Here’s one of the photos that Annie recently took of me.  I stuck my chin out and head forward a bit, which minimizes the neck, but as you can see, it doesn’t look awkward.

6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

Annie Watt photo.

You’re at the end of a group photo.

I always hate that spot, because as they say, “objects can appear larger” on the sides.  So what to do? Look down at everyone’s feet and draw an imaginary line.  Then to appear smaller, stay on the line or a little in back of the line. Do not go over the line, which will make you appear bigger.

Here are a couple of photos of Rebel Wilson (whom we love, and we love that she embraces her body too) with some of her  Pitch Perfect castmates.  In this one she is standing in line or slightly ahead with her skinny castmates. In the second photo, she is standing behind the “imaginary” line.

6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

You’re being photographed with a size zero.

Yes, you know that feeling. Annie suggests you turn slightly so that your belly is turned towards that person and one boob is hiding.  It will definitely minimize your silhouette.

Meryl Streep in a perfect “hide the boob” pose.

What to do with your arms.

DO NOT DO the arm on the hips pose. Annie says this is an overdone celebrity pose, and no one in society ever poses like that. Also, many photos will be cropped and chances are your arms will get lobbed off.

Instead, shake your arm out, pull it slightly off your body, and keep it naturally at your side.  Position your hand as if you are showing off the biggest diamond in the world. And do not put your hand on your thigh.

Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine both have natural arm poses and Shirley’s hand is positioned perfectly.

6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

Seated Shots.

You’re at a lunch or a dinner and you’re in a seated group shot, think about how to stand out with a flattering neckline or a great piece of jewelry. And touch up your lipstick.

 Photos by Annie Watt.

How to get noticed by the event photographer.

When Annie is shooting charity events, she of course has her list of must shots. But when she looks around for photos of other attendees, she always looks for women wearing color!!  In a sea of black, color will make you stand out. She taught me this many years ago.  Here are a couple of shots she has taken of me at events over the years that have made their way into post event coverage.

6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

The Head Tomato and Mr. Tomato. Photo Annie Watt.


6 Posing Photo Tips from a Pro

The Head Tomato and Ernie Anastos. Photo Annie Watt

About Annie Watt.  Annie Watt has over a decade of experience as a premier Society Event Photographer in New York City, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. She is the person who “gets” the heart of an event and captures the joy of the guests attending. Annie’s genuine love of her job and dedication to her clients ensures that with her photojournalistic eye she will help to tell the story with her images. It has earned her the reputation as one of the most sought-after photographers for high profile events by top editors as well as the most distinguished business, fashion and philanthropic leaders.

Annie’s clients refer to her as “The Posing Expert”. As an accomplished and well respected photographer, she is highly regarded for her invaluable posing tips which give confidence to her subjects and allow her to capture a more flattering photograph than they would ever have believed possible. The authenticity and caring that she contributes to each assignment has earned praise from her peers as “One of the Most Unsung Heroes of Many Manhattan Events.”  Visit her web site.


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  1. Joan Pagano says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips and stunning shots of you, Cheryl!

  2. Katie Munoz says:

    Excellent advice! Thank you.

  3. barbara lackay ruder says:

    Onward to the wedding!
    & beyond to all the other occasions and events!!
    I’m smiling with my chin up and head slightly forward …
    great tips, thank you!

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