Divorced, Despair, and What to Wear: After Divorce Makeover Advice

Divorced, Despair, and What to Wear: After Divorce Makeover Advice, divorce makeover, style advice, scarlette de bease, the three tomatoes

It happens. Did it happen to you? A special friend? A relative? Often when you least expect or want, it happens.

It is the D-word: Divorce.

Divorced, Despair and What To Wear?

So here you are, single again, and questioning everything about yourself just like you did when you were in High School, except now you are in the school of life.

Why was I not good enough? What did I do wrong? Is it because I’m old? Is it because I no longer look the way I did when we first got married?

Who would want me now? How can I compete with younger women to find a loving partner? Who would find me attractive?

Then you might start telling yourself some very destructive and self-sabotaging messages, such as:

  • Now I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.
  • I hate how I look.
  • I look tired.
  • I look old.
  • I look terrible in all my clothes.

I am sure you have had a few of the damaging inner chatter talks, but I want to tell you to stop talking and start listening.

You are never too old to love how you look. NEVER! The only person you have to impress is yourself and only yourself. When you like what you see in a full-length mirror, others will as well.

I see that sparkle in a woman’s eyes when she sees herself in clothes that transform her from feeling frumpy to fabulous. ALL women can have that sparkle, no matter their age, size, budget or marital status.

Don’t think you have to dress like you are in your 30’s to look desirable, as that will backfire in a big way. When women dress like they are a few decades younger it often makes them look even older and occasionally a bit silly.

Let’s get started on getting you going in the right direction about the brand new chapter in your book, and together we can make it a page turner!

Post Divorce Makeover Ideas

Take the following steps to get a fresh start on transforming how you feel and see yourself.

  • Get all new bras professionally fitted of course, as well as panties. Only you have to know how pretty your lingerie looks…for now that is.
  • Donate or sell the clothes that bring up negative or sad emotions. If the dress you wore on a special anniversary or other event makes you feel down or causes out loud sighing, get it out of your home just like your ex.
  • Don’t keep the empty closet space from your ex’s exit as a shrine. One of my clients emptied her ex-husbands custom-made closet so I suggested turning it into a shoe and handbag closet, which she did. Now she smiles when she opens its doors instead of mourning what once was.
  • Try a new hairstyle, but shampoo first. Think: I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair.
  • Get a new makeup and skincare routine. Each product that you apply is a form of rejuvenation. YOU deserve to be pampered.
  • Get a manicure regularly, or do your own nails. No more getting your hands dirty is required.
  • Pick one of your best features and highlight it with your clothes and accessories. This could be your eyes, hair, skin, legs, or even a sense of humor.
  • Dress nicely every single time you go out. Whether you are walking the dog, buying groceries, going to the library, mall, or getting a root canal. Dress like you won’t be embarrassed if you bump into someone you know. Not only will you feel good that you made the effort, you’ll look good too.

It is never too late to look your best, start over, and look forward. There’s a reason people don’t walk backwards!

Did you know that you can end any frustrations you have regarding what to wear dilemmas with a virtual consultation with Scarlett?

Note: This is a chapter from my upcoming book.

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  1. Mary says:

    Re your comment: “Dress nicely every single time you go out.”

    Good, but not EVERY single time! Leave some moments to chance so you can say, “I always seem to run into THE most interesting people on a day when I dressed and dashed instead of showered and powered!”

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