How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Now in  its fourth season on Netflix, Grace and Frankie has gained in popularity and has shown there is a real market for shows with post middle age characters who are fun, vibrant, fully engaged in life, and anything but “old.”  And here’s the cool thing. The show not only appeals to other post middle age people but has garnered a cross-generational audience.  Why? Because we’re cool.


How Grace and Frankie Became Style Icons How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Turns out millennial women love Grace (played by Jane Fonda) and Frankie (played by Lily Tomlin). “They’re women we’d like to hang out with,” many have said on social media. And they have become style icons. Not only do Tomatoes love their clothes (and the top-rated post at The Three Tomatoes ever, is this one on Shopping: Grace and Frankie Style), but millennials love the fashions too – especially Frankie’s bohemian style.

Their looks are created by Emmy-nominated costume designer Allyson Fanger, who in several articles has shared some of these fashion secrets and where to get the clothes, or at least the looks.  So, here’s a Grace and Frankie style update, with some of their classic looks, and how to get the look.

Frankie’s Bohemian Hippy Style

Frankie wears lot of flowy kaftans, kimonos, and large chunky jewelry which embodies her artistic free spirit. In an interview in The Cut, costume designer Allyson Fanger says she finds Frankie’s clothes anywhere “weird and strange.” These have included Current Affair a vintage popup in Brooklyn (the next one is May 18th) , and Nomad, a vintage shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And don’t forget her classic t-shirts too.

In an interview at ShondaLand, Fanger revealed a few other sources for Frankie’s clothes. “Her designers are Harari for fancy looks, Alembika, and Bryn Walker. A lot of her jewelry is handmade by Adina Mills.”

Shop the Frankie Look

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s StyleWe just love this beautiful kimono from Harari – $415.

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

We love Frankie’s Jewelry and some of it comes from artist Adina Mills, like this beautiful natural amethyst with a small embedded prytie stone on a vintage chain. All of the  pieces are formed by hand by the artist. They are art first, jewelry second.   $210 from Adina Mills.

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Bryn Walker is another designer whose clothes are worn by Frankie. Just love this.


How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

If you love Frankie’s hand-painted clogs, check out these Corkys Elite Women’s Coastal Shoe, Red  59.90 – $60.26   Amazon.

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Frankie loves her kimonos. Here’s a fun one from Amazon.

Grace’s Classic Tailored Look

On the opposite spectrum, Grace’s style which reflects her character, is much more buttoned up and conservative. When the first season started, she was just “retiring” from a successful cosmetic company she had founded, and she wore a lot of very tailored suits, crisp white shirts, and classic silk blouses.  But as the series has evolved, and due in part to Frankie’s influence, Grace’s look is now more casual, but always classic.

For Grace, Fanger says she often uses St. John KnitsRalph LaurenCarolina HerreraBrooks Brothers, and Margaret O’Leary for the best beach cashmere.

Recently Fanger has Grace branching out and wearing a lot of print blouses (which she has made from vintage fabrics) and she’s included a number of them with a bird print. She says of Grace, “Birds have kind of become a thing for her.”

Shop the Grace Look

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

This two pocket cashmere pink cardigan, from Margaret O’Leary  $180, looks very much like the one Grace wears in season 4.

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

This beautiful Rib Knit Poncho Sweater from St. John Collection is definitely something Grace would wear. $495 from Nordstrom. 


How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Many of Grace’s handbags are Ralph Lauren, similar to this leather tote. This one features signature brass buckles topping a refined, minimalist tote crafted from supple Italian leather. $328.00 at Nordstrom.

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style


We love Grace’s crisp white blouses whether she’s wearing them with a power suit or a pair of jeans. This one from J.Crew is perfect. Available at Nordstrom for $69.50. 

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Love Grace’s casual boyfriend jeans? Get the look with these stretch joins from NYDJ. $134 at Nordstrom.

How and Where to Get Grace and Frankie’s Style

Grace is very into print blouses with birds this season. Check out this one only $15.59-$21.78 from Amazon.


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  1. Roxy Lentz says:

    I love Frankie style, though for myself, I prefer less color. I have ulterior motives for leaving a comment. I make conceptual art jewelry from re purposed metal. I would love to see it on Frankie at least once. I follow Allyson on Instagram, and I think she has seen my posts. My work is different from what Adina Mills makes, but still dramatic. Please take a look at my website, Instagram, and see what you think.

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    Where can we get Graces eyeglasses

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    What brand is the white leather bag Grace carries. Has braided 2 tone leather handles.

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