LA LIFE: Chocolate, Art, Japanese Fest, Year of the Woman

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Wow! Can you believe it is already 2018?! I feel like I just put up the tree. Welcome back to the LA Life Newsletter Tomatoes, and I hope you have a hopeful, positive and rockin’ 2018. The holidays may be over, but the love of chocolate is forever.  So, indulge at, you guessed it, “Indulge LA’s Chocolate Festival” at the Omni Hotel. The expansive “LA Art Show” is back and the “Oshogatsu Family Festival”  is another fun opportunity to ring in the New Year… Japanese Style. Join “First Tuesday” for a very special Women’s Only evening with 3 Legendary Trail Blazing Women. Speaking of women, “The Last Bookstore” is presenting an event celebrating women and women writers. It’s officially our year Tomatoes!!!

Jan 6. Chocolate Festival

LA LIFE: Chocolate, Art, Japanese Fest, Year of the Woman

I don’t know about you gals, but this Tomato can’t get through a single day without chocolate.  Yes, I’m addicted so, my heart is skipping a beat because the “Indulge LA Chocolate and Pastry Festival” is tomorrow with the best chocolatiers in the world. The VERY best Ladies…I think I might swoon.

And me loves me some pastries too so my heart swells to know that the top pastry chefs in the world, as well, will offer decadent treats along with world renowned champagnes and wines. Oh, my tomatoes.  It’s a desert haven for us chocolate and pastry aficionados.

January 7. Women of the Ages

LA LIFE: Chocolate, Art, Japanese Fest, Year of the Woman

Marcy Cole’s “First Tuesday” presents a panel (which happens to be on a Monday this month) of three extraordinarily accomplished women. Susan Sullivan, Linda Gray and Loni Anderson will share words of wisdom on an array of important topics.  A wonderful opportunity for Tomatoes to get inspired & fired up to start your 2018 on just the right positive note. Don’t miss out on what these legendary trail blazing Hollywood women have to say.

Jan 7. Oshogatsu Festival

LA LIFE: Chocolate, Art, Japanese Fest, Year of the Woman

First off, I love the Japanese American Museum and I love dogs. And this year, Tomatoes, it is the Year of the Dog! Yahoo! Ring in the Year, again with the “Oshogatsu Family Festival” in Little Tokyo with Japanese New Year Festivities. And it is free Tomatoes!

The celebration will include fun dog inspired arts and crafts, delish food, Dog candy sculptures, Japanese rice pounding ritual, Japanese style Lion Dance, Dogs available to foster or adopt from “Dogs Without Borders”, Lucky grab bags and much more Tomatoes.

Jan 10-14. LA Art Show

LA LIFE: Chocolate, Art, Japanese Fest, Year of the Woman

The “Los Angeles Art Show” at the Los Angeles Convention Center is one of the world’s largest and longest running art events in the world where LA takes its place as a leader in the global art scene. In the 260,00-sq. ft. venue, Tomatoes will discover over 100 galleries from 18 countries. Wow tomatoes…that is a lot of art in one place.

The exhibits include painting, sculpture, works on paper, installation, photography, design, video and performance.   They will be also celebrating the harmony between art and design with the launch of DESIGN LA ART. The new designated space will broaden the artistic offerings with a curated selection of 10-12 exhibitors showcasing modern furniture, accent decor, architectural objects and jewelry in a series of circular, open-area vignette spaces designed to offer a natural-flow experience between the two worlds. If you are an art enthusiast, then this is the place to be tomatoes.

January 13. Year of the Woman: Writing for Change

LA LIFE: Chocolate, Art, Japanese Fest, Year of the Woman

Yep, there is nothing more powerful and inspiring than women speaking up and out and writing their truth.  It really took hold in 2017 and now The Last Bookstore is calling 2018 “The Year of the Woman” and will host “Writing for Change” in which a lineup of 10 incredible women writers will participate in a special salon. Woo Hoo Tomatoes!

The Angels Flight-Literary West Salon will focus on female empowerment and change through writing with author signings, complimentary reception, and tees and hand-knit “pussy” hats with purchases benefiting Angels Flight-Literary West. A great way to get inspired for the Women’s March in LA 2018 Tomatoes!

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