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If you are into bees and honey, then you should visit “The Valley Hive. Help the victims of the tragic mudslides in Montecito.  It’s time to “Occupy Your Vagina”. Don’t miss the Theodore Payne Nursery for their super-duper Winter Plant Sale.  And The Three Tomatoes LA and I are delighted to present “The IGNITE YOUR MOJO Tour” with Deborah Kagan.

February 24.  Ignite Your Mojo in Pasadena

Hey LA Tomatoes! Join Deborah Kagan, Mojo Recovery Specialist, me and other fab women at the Ignite Your Mojo Tour Pasadena event which is presented by The Three Tomatoes LA and powerhouse Deborah Kagan. We will ply you with delish food, drinks, and gift bags in a beautiful home, with great company, a motivating workshop for living a “Turned On” life and a few surprises. It’s going to be a rockin’ time Tomatoes! Get the details.

Save the Buzz

Mr. LA Tomato and I recently visited “The Valley Hive” in Chatsworth and love, love, loved it.  We learned so much we didn’t know about bees from Johnathan, just one of the friendly/helpful staff It was thrilling to view closely the bees in their observation hive… without a bee suit! And instead of wine tasting they offer honey tasting.  How cool is that Tomatoes?!

They have a wonderful selection of a variety of honey from their hives all around Chatsworth. The store is charming with the cutest Bee and honey inspired gifts available for purchase. The staff and the owners are very passionate about bee education and everything related to bees. Of course, the store residing inside a beautiful garden nursery just adds to its charms. And if you want to start your own backyard bee hive they have all the supplies you need with plenty of expert advice, support and even classes. The Valley Hive is a gem and also the kiddoes will enjoy it too. Of course, the store residing inside a beautiful garden nursery just adds to its charms. Santiago, the manager of the nursery, gives expert info and advice about your plant purchase.

The Valley Hives mission is an extremely important one. To encourage responsible beekeeping and engage in the promotion of honeybees by providing quality education, equipment, and hive related products thereby bridging the gap between tradition and innovation with the intent, always, of saving the buzz.

Helping Mudslide victims

The story of the tragic mudslides in Montecito keeps unfolding almost a week after.  This LA Tomato feels a responsibility to mention the verified ways we all can donate and support the Montecito community that are suffering from this heartbreaking and horrific disaster that is so difficult to comprehend.

Please use one of these resources to donate Tomatoes. Best donate online or by mail since the 101 freeway is closed.

Monetary Donations accepted.

Nonperishable foods, and fresh produce are accepted at:

4554 Hollister Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93110

1525 State St., Ste 100, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

490 W. Foster Rd., Santa Maria, CA 93455

January 26 & 27. Going Native

Now is absolutely, unequivocally, the perfect time to go native and plant!  With the rain we recently had, the soil is chock full of wonderful nutrients so newly planted succulents and native plants will thrive. It’s also the perfect time to hit the plant sale at Theodore Payne Foundation.

Theodore Payne is always the “go to place” for drought resistant native plants and succulents. Members (and if you aren’t you can join at the door) get a 15% discount and non-members get 10%.  And when you are browsing, and purchasing be sure to get the expert advice of the TPF staff and volunteers.  They know their stuff ladies’ succulents. And don’t forget that Theodore Payne made our nonprofit resource guide.

January 23.  Occupy Your Vagina

For one night only tour de force extraordinaire Tomato Mariann Aalda brings her solo show “Occupy Your Vagina” to LA. The character, Ginger Peechee-Keane Adult Sex Ed Evangelist debunks the myth that women lose sexual vibrancy, vitality and viability with age.  Hell Yes! Tomatoes are still sexy. It’s sure to resonate and be a hilarious ride gals.

Ginger says, “Even if we can’t all get a long…we can make the most of a “short”…a thumb, an elbow, a battery-powered appliance, or even a big toe if you know what to do with it.”  You have to take personal responsibility for your own sexual fulfillment whatever that form may take. In response to the increased threats she saw against women’s reproductive rights and access to health care — not to mention being deluged with horror stories of bad dates and boring sex — Ginger decided to actuate that boldness and bravery by becoming the world’s foremost expert on adult sex education and a champion for sexual satisfaction & loving relationships. Woo Hoo for you Ginger Peechee-Keane! You go girl!

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