LA Life:  Strings Attached, Art Deco, Fairs and Festivals

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You can kill several birds with one stone (no harm intended) at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair  this weekend and the Japanese Festival at Descanso Gardens is a great way to relax and enjoy our beautiful CA weather.  It’s time again, tomatoes, to either drink or walk Art Deco Style. And the world premiere of “Strings Attached” takes place at The Shakespeare Center of LA.

October 14 & 15. Japanese Garden Festival

LA Life:  Strings Attached, Art Deco, Fairs and Festivals Descanso Gardens is having an important anniversary, tomatoes. They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their beautiful Japanese Garden with a full weekend of ancient music and art. Not only that, but you can view examples of Ikaban, the art of flower arranging and take a curator-led walk through the new gallery exhibit! Always love seeing new exhibits gals.

There is an incredible line-up of events at The Japanese Garden Festival including music and dance performed by the Imperial Court of Japan. Most events are free with the price of admission to Descanso Gardens ladies.

 Sherman Oaks Street Fair

LA Life:  Strings Attached, Art Deco, Fairs and FestivalsThe Annual Sherman Oaks Street Fair is a very big deal, tomatoes since it is the largest single day event in the SFV. Kudos to Sherman Oaks. But don’t worry there are shuttles available gals.  This is a one stop shop, so to speak tomatoes, with it including 200 + vendors, an Oktoberfest, community classic car shows, pet expo, four musical acts on the concert stage and a carnival zone to boot.  No topping that!

Not much more I can say tomatoes except it is 9 blocks of So Cal heritage, culture and fun.  Of course there is always more this gal can say…tee hee. The SHERMAN OAKS CHAMBER STREET FAIR started in 1991 as a simple arts and craft show and is now celebrating its 26th anniversary with 100,000 attendees expected.  And it’s free! Music to my ears. Don’t be driving around searching for parking with this event check out their free shuttle gals.

Art Deco Happenings

LA Life:  Strings Attached, Art Deco, Fairs and FestivalsThe New York Times recently expressed the importance of Art Deco Architecture to the landscape of LA.  “Most of the Art Deco buildings are smaller than the modern skyscrapers rising in the area but they still soar.” So tomatoes, we are very lucky to have the Art Deco Society in Los Angeles that makes it possible to explore & witness the grandeur of our art deco buildings that inspire so many Angelenos.  And there is one event tonight and another tomorrow.

Tonight  “Cocktails in Historic Places” is  at Pour Vous and tomorrow is their walking tour of Hollywood Blvd. These events are always surprising, informative and fun gals.

Strings Attached

LA Life:  Strings Attached, Art Deco, Fairs and Festivals In this case strings attached is a very good thing. Super creative tomato, Madeline Leavitt (stage director/choreographer/producer), has a new production launching “Strings Attached” at the Shakespeare Center in DTLA and this is the final weekend. Madeline is not only the director & executive producer but also the Artistic Director of Voice Carry, Inc.  producing the event. The World Premiere of “Strings Attached” is an innovative multidisciplinary project exploring the ties that make us human and our capacity to love. Sounds wonderfully entertaining and interesting!

Strings Attached” speaks to diversity on so many levels by including contemporary dance, abstract puppetry, an original score, and performance art together with a cast (dancers & puppeteers) that is Swedish, Taiwanese, Japanese, African American, and Mexican American. You don’t get more diverse than that tomatoes. Voices Carry  is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to breaking down cultural barriers and embracing diversity through dance, theatre, and performance art. Bravo!

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