LA Life: Woven Gold, Vintage Fun, Photo LA, A Capella Festival

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aspiring actorsWell tomatoes, January seems to be flying by so fast it is bound to make one’s head spin. One way to slow that rushing and spinning sensation is to get artsy.  The 25th LA Photographic Art Exposition is under way at The REEF and the new exhibit, “Woven Gold, Tapestries of King Louie XIV” at The Getty Center are breath taking. If you’re a vintage lovin’ tomato, check out the Topanga Vintage Market.  And did you know that LA has had an A Cappella Festival since 2009, and it’s happening right now?  And my book, “The Aspiring Actor’s Handbook, What Seasoned Professionals Wish They Had Known”, is now available as an audio book! It’s filled with universal truths from 25 amazingly talented tomatoes…not just for actors.

January 21-24.  Photo LA at the Reef

LA Life: Woven Gold, Vintage Fun, Photo LA, A Capella FestivalPhoto LA, the international photographic art exposition, is back and celebrating 25 years of bringing new and vintage images from talented photographers across the world to you gals.  LA Photo is much more than a huge art show, it has a rich history of bringing the photographic and arts community together to celebrate the art of photography in all it’s diverse forms. You don’t have to be a Kardashian to attend ladies… just a fantastic tomato.  Get the details.

Woven Gold now till May

LA Life: Woven Gold, Vintage Fun, Photo LA, A Capella FestivalKing Louis XIV of France, otherwise known as The Sun King, had very nice collection of tapestries, or rather I should say… the greatest collection of tapestries in early modern Europe. Apparently he spent a ton of dough (probably from the peasants) on the creation of this collection that was painstakingly woven by hand with wool, silk and precious metal-wrapped threads. Ergo the title of the new exhibit “Woven Gold” at The Getty Center.  Now tomatoes, who are all royalty at heart, can enjoy the Sun King’s glorious collection.   Get the details. 

Topanga Vintage

LA Life: Woven Gold, Vintage Fun, Photo LA, A Capella FestivalThe Topanga Vintage Market is one of LA’s tip top flea markets according to Angeleno, CBS Local and California Home+Design tomatoes. This Vintage Market, the 4th Sunday of every month, includes thousands of vintage treasures in fashion, furniture and jewelry and more from the 1800’s to the 1980’s.  I hear the dealers are very friendly and always up to bargaining. Time to get your dealing game on ladies.  Only $3 to get in and there is plenty of free parking tomatoes.

Jan. 22-23.  A Cappella Festival

LA Life: Woven Gold, Vintage Fun, Photo LA, A Capella FestivalThe “Pitch Perfect” movies turned A Cappella competition into a pop culture phenomenon and LAAF, The Los Angeles A Cappella Festival is your chance to witness a vocal festival phenomenon in real life! The competition is tonight tomatoes…sorry for the late notice and the Professional Showcase is tomorrow (Saturday) night. Hurry and get tickets.  You might just discover the next group to be on “America’s Got Talent” gals.

LAAF, in association with CASA (The Contemporary A Cappella Society) brings the best a cappella performers, educators and enthusiasts together to celebrate, appreciate and advance vocal music as an art form.

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