Mojo, Photo Ark, Dragon Parade, New Trail, Degas+

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Mojo, Photo Ark, Dragon Parade, New Trail, Degas+

The Three Tomatoes Debbie Zipp, Roni Jenkins, and Cheryl Benton at our LA launch party.

It’s been four years since we launched The Three Tomatoes LA with a superb party. Boy does time fly when you are having fun! And we’ve got another 3T LA party coming up in just one week where you can rock your MOJO gals! Wow! Tomatoes must hit the LA Zoo’s Photo Ark before it closes the end of the month. It’s the Year of the Dog and you can celebrate with a parade in China Town.  Silver Lake Reservoir just opened a new trail on the south side and the Getty Museum has made a historical acquisition that is on view now at the Getty Center.

Feb 24.  Ignite Your Mojo

IN JUST ONE WEEK,  you can join myself, Deborah Kagan , Mojo Recovery Specialist, & other FAB women of all ages at “The Ignite Your Mojo Tour” Pasadena Party.  The Three Tomatoes LA and Powerhouse Deborah Kagan will ply you with delish food and drinks in a beautiful home, with a motivating workshop for living a “Turned On Life” PLUS gift bags with super great stuff that I know you will love! What’s not to like?! Time to get your tickets Tomatoes!   It really will be a rockin’ party!

Till Feb 25.  Photo Ark

Mojo, Photo Ark, Dragon Parade, New Trail, Degas+There’s an ARK in LA Tomatoes! How I missed this I have no idea, but it is not too late. Phew! “The National Geographic Photo Ark”, now showing at The LA Zoo, is a stunning project committed to documenting every species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.

What a magnificent way to shine a light on conservation efforts to preserve animal species around the world and to provide an archive for future generations.  National Geographic Photographer and Fellow, Joel Sartore, was definitely the man for the job of documenting and photographing for the National Geographic Photo Ark Traveling Exhibition. The current display shows more than 50 of Sartore’s most compelling, colorful and breathtaking images — many of which were photographed at the L.A. Zoo —provides Zoo visitors a chance to come face to face with animals up close along with fascinating details about each species, what makes them unique, and the risks they face in the wild. “I want to get people to care, to fall in love, and to take action.” Says Joel Sartore. What a unique opportunity Ladies!

Feb 17.  Golden Dragon Parade

Mojo, Photo Ark, Dragon Parade, New Trail, Degas+The day of the Lunar New Year is the most celebrated holiday of the year for nearly 1.5 million persons of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese descent in Southern California.  But anyone can celebrate and enjoy one of Los Angeles’ oldest cultural tradition.  Not only is it the 119th Golden Dragon parade but it is the Year of the Dog!  I love that!

It is not only a celebration of the New Year but a celebration of ethnic diversity, Chinese Culture and Chinese-American businesses. A great FREE cultural experience for any Angelino. If you would like to sit and watch in the Grandstand those tickets are very reasonable Tomatoes. Plus, there is lots of cool stuff to do while there besides gourmet food trucks and entertainment.

New Walking Trail

Mojo, Photo Ark, Dragon Parade, New Trail, Degas+After four long years a new walkway opened to the public along the south dam at the Silver Lake Reservoir. You can now stroll or run from morning to dusk around the entire reservoir Tomatoes. And pets are welcome too! Woo Hoo!

The path, known as the South Dam Crossing, is the creation of a continuous pathway for walkers and joggers that provides closer access to the water as well.  Sounds like a beautiful place Tomatoes so start walkin’.

Till April. Michelangelo to Degas

Mojo, Photo Ark, Dragon Parade, New Trail, Degas+Extremely rare masterpieces, by some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance through the 19th century, were acquired by the J. Paul Getty Museum Tomatoes and it is one of the most important acquisitions and exhibits in their history. They have good reason to shout it from their rooftops ladies! And so will you!

16 major drawings are presented in “Michelangelo to Degas: Major New Acquisitions” at the Getty Center and the timing couldn’t be better as the Getty Center celebrates their 20-year anniversary. Timothy Potts, director of the J. Paul Getty Museum says, “Showcasing these works together will demonstrate the monumental nature of this purchase, which also includes a famous painting by the French artist Jean Antoine Watteau. It is increasingly rare to be able to acquire masterpieces of this stature, which have been highly sought after by connoisseurs since the 16th century, and by now have long been swept up by museums.” Bravo to all involved in making this happen!

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