SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

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Has Spring Sprung? The recent warmth lends one to say yea, but the rains are still upon us. In rain or shine Napa is always a good idea. If you haven’t visited Berkeley Rep, I highly recommend Aubergine. Bone Broth is “the” new food trend and you can learn how to make it from a local chef. On the other end of the spectrum check out private caviar education! A unique collaboration between a cellist and storyteller, Second Time Around, will captivate you. We are always tourists in our own town and as whale watching season is upon us, head to Point Montara Lighthouse.

 March 16 – 20. Flavor Napa Valley

SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

Savor the flavor at this 5th annual Napa Valley Wine and Food festival.  Or feastival…not a real word, I know, but the tempting aromas of the food coupled with the heady scents of the wine, create a true feast for the senses. It is Cabernet season and all-star talent will be on hand with farm-to-table cuisine, winemaker workshops, grand tastings and exclusive experiences. A celebrity chef and vintner golf tournament joins as a new event this year.

Other favorite activities include, The Grand Tasting at the Culinary Institute and The “Meet your Maker; The Butcher, The Baker and the sparkling wine Maker” Brunch party at the Meritage. Oh there’s more, so much more for your senses. Plus, net proceeds from the event support programs and scholarships at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena, CA.  Get more details.

 Thru March 27. Berkeley Rep – Aubergine

SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

If you have never been to a performance by the talented actors who grace the stage at Berkeley Rep, please get on Bart or start the car and GO!  Every performance I have attended has left me on the edge of my seat, sad that the show has ended. Aubergine is no exception. Staged in the new “Peets” Theatre, it is an eye opening, heart breaking, tender, look at how the power of food anchors us to our heritage and our past.

Astute observations are made on the art of dying and the family drama that surrounds it all. It would take too long to truly describe this unusual, thoughtful new drama. Suffice it to say, you will be thinking and talking about it long after it ends. Get tickets. 

Bone Broth Class

SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

Maybe it’s time to jump on the latest trend and try some bone broth. Sure, we can put a chicken in a pot and add some water, but there is more to it than that. Perhaps you have heard of the healing benefits of this food (described in an earlier Three Tomatoes national post!), intestinal health, immune boosting, joint protection. I think it would be great fun to go to a class to learn how to do anything, and since I am one of those who is supposed to drink this “soup”, I may just have to go. I’m better in an experiential setting anyway.

The class is taught by Cassandra Gates, a graduate of Bauman College in Berkeley, and creator of a newly launched line of organic bone broths – Broth Baby! You will learn simple techniques, and examples of how to incorporate this wonder food in every day cooking. For more information.

Caviar Class

SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

Ok friends, I am a very healthy eater and a sort of vegetarian but there is one indulgence I absolutely adore and that I don’t experience often. Yes, I love the crunchy saltiness that comes with a bite of the best caviar. I’m not talking about the cheapo versions, but rather the true and very expensive delicacy.  This class passed across my desk and I wanted to share it with you. If Only, is a website dedicated to bringing local San Franciscans unusual experiences.

This special curated event is held at a location of your choice with the experts of “The Caviar Company”. While you taste the delicate eggs, they will share facts and fantasies about “the Ultimate Egg.” Oh so yum. For more information

Now thru April 17. Second Time Around: A duet for Cello and Storyteller

SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

If you have never ventured into a performance at The Marsh, you are in for a treat. An intimate 100-person venue, The Marsh is a breeding ground for new performances. Their mission is that the Marsh is about “transformation, possibilities and community. In Second Time Around, storyteller Charlie Varon and world-renowned cellist Joan Jeanrenaud collaborate to bring us the magic of storytelling with the soul-stirring music of the cello. Varon’s short story tells the tale about a smart old gentleman who offers advice to a high school student for his history project.

The Marsh San Francisco Main Stage Theatre; Now through April 17th. Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.  For tickets visit: www. Themarsh.org 

Point Montara Lighthouse

SF LIFE: Napa Food Fest, Caviar & Bone Broth, Cellos and Whales

Perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific, the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel is a spectacular location to watch the majestic whales spout, sound, and breach. The northern migration peaks in mid-March, with late April and early May being the best times to see mothers and calves feeding close to shore. The boardwalk behind the building is your perfect spot. This hostel was once a fog signal station in 1875 and well worth the visit. For reservations.

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