SF LIFE – Shatner’s World, Cooking School, Scavenger Hunts

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I don’t know about you, but as a young gal obsessed with TV, I perched myself in front of the tube each weekend, watching Star Trek. My favorite Captain Kirk, er William Shatner will be at The Warfield in our own backyard. However, if you were busy shaking and baking in the kitchen, The San Francisco Cooking school has classes for the home chef and a professional certification program as well. If you would rather be sleuthing around, how about heading on a fun and educational scavenger hunt. The De Young Museum and Palace of the Legion of Honor are two of the locations where you can sleuth with Watson Adventures.   

Jan. 30. Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It

SF LIFE – Shatner’s World, Cooking School, Scavenger HuntsBeam me up Scotty! Does that phrase resonate with you? 84-year-old William Shatner brings his one man show to San Francisco at the Warfield Theatre where he will take you on a voyage through his life and career.

Once a Shakespearean stage actor, although best known as Captain James (Tiberius – yes I knew that) Kirk, Shatner is an author, a bit of a raconteur and has had his share of later in life fame as well. Veteran of lead roles in T.J. Hooker, and Boston Legal and appearances in literally hundreds of other TV shows, along with his infamous spoken-word album, he has truly made the most of his 84 years.

I personally loved his character Stan Fields in Miss Congeniality. In his stage show, which has traveled the world and played on Broadway, Shatner shares poignant and hilarious moments from his life moves the audience to laughter and tears. Get tickets.

The San Francisco Cooking School

SF LIFE – Shatner’s World, Cooking School, Scavenger Hunts

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Chef, The San Francisco Cooking School is the place to go. If you are looking to gain a Culinary Arts or Pastry Arts Certification, or just want to try a one – time class (right now there are over 55 listed!), This cooking school offers instruction driven by California cuisine and our state’s progressive food values.

Classes are filled with beginners (me!) to the advanced, and you learn such things as knife skills, history of the food you are preparing and why you do what you do. Whether as rudimentary as slicing an onion properly or making a rather sophisticated sauce, you will leave filled with food and knowledge. Note: beer and wine served throughout the classes make for lively conversation and easily made friends.

From fundamentals to the intricacies of souffles combined with classes taught by local chefs, this relatively new Cooking School will leave you hungry for more! Get more details.

Watson Adventures – Scavenger hunts in San Francisco and San Jose

SF LIFE – Shatner’s World, Cooking School, Scavenger HuntsI don’t know about you other tomatoes out there, but I used to love the thrill of a scavenger hunt. To this day, my grown children enjoy the clues that lead them ultimately to their Easter Basket. Each plastic egg is hidden and contains a clue to the ultimate prize.  Now we have the opportunity to scavenge and hunt through museums in San Francisco and San Jose.

Watson’s Adventures provides public scavenger hunts on weekends as well as team building events tailored for your company or group.  Their hunts use witty, tricky questions that bring out the best in a fascinating place such as the De Young and Legion of Honor in San Francisco and the Computer and Tech Museums in San Jose.

On these delightful and informative hunts, you search for answers to tricky and humorous questions about the intriguing places and objects you discover. Public hunts typically last 2 hours and all that is required is a sharp mind and comfy shoes. You learn to work with a team, or bring your own Sherlocks with you. Fun way to spend a rainy/foggy Saturday! Get more details.


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