Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

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Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

Oh my! It’s breathtaking how many Earth Day Celebrations are taking place this weekend Tomatoes but a few really stood out.  “Tea by the Sea” sounds absolutely delightful, especially FREE tea by the sea Ladies. Speaking of tea, the “Annual Hats and Flats Garden Party” from The Three Tomatoes LA is back June 2nd Ladies! A great time was had by all last year and it will be fab for Tomatoes again this year. You, your family and friends will definitely “See the Light” at the remarkable “1,000 Lights Water Lantern Festival”. If you’ve got a hankerin’ for a free arts and culture fest then you’ll love “Our LA Voices” in Grand Park this weekend. Enjoy and embrace spring and your last week in April Tomatoes.  

April 27. Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

From nature restoration in “Ascot Hills Park Earth Day” to “Earth Day LA in Woodley Park” to “Earth Day Celebrations at The Aquarium of the Pacific” to even an “Earth Day Cabaret” at Beyond Baroque in Venice,  there is no shortage of unique and wonderful ways to celebrate Mother Earth this weekend Tomatoes. 

They all sound great Tomatoes but… “Earth Day Cabaret”? Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?! And Way Cool! Beyond Baroque and the performers want Tomatoes to come to celebrate the natural beauty of our planet and raise a ruckus about our planet’s ever rising fever.  It’s a climate reality presentation with music, poetry and positive action in a metaphysical vaudeville mélange.  Wow Tomatoes!

April 27. Tea by the Sea

Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

Yes, Tomatoes, “Tea By the Sea” offers a beautiful view of the ocean while in the midst of stunning gardens at the historic Point Fermin Light House and Park in San Pedro and it is FREE with no reservations required.  Tea and refreshments served, garden tours, craft booths, self-guided lighthouse tours are all available and no entrance fee required.  What a lovely way to do “Tea” and spend a day Tomatoes.

You can also tour the incredible lighthouse, the gardens and shop from local unique artisans.  Tea is served from 10:30 to 1pm.  Point Fermin Light House is a very special place, gals. I love that from 1925 to 1927, after both William and Martha Austin passed away, their daughter Thelma Austin, with the help of her sister Juanita, took over as keeper. Two female lighthouse keepers at that time just tickles me Tomatoes and is an important part of the Point Fermin Lighthouse history

April 26-28. Our LA Voices Arts & Culture Fest

Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

 “Our LA Voices” is a Pop-Up Arts + Culture Fest focusing on the powerful and diverse artistic talent in LA County in a free, three-day performing and visual arts showcase with short film, dance, music, spoken word  and theatre performances. Remember Grand Park is home to everyone and that includes LA artists.  And guess what? It’s spring in gorgeous Grand Park and what could be a better time for “Our LA Voices” to happen Tomatoes?!

The festival’s 2019 theme, Origin Stories, explores and showcases distinctly Los Angeles narratives and questions about where we are, how we got here and where we are going. During both days of the festival, visit Jardin del Arte, the public marketplace at “Our LA Voices”. The marketplace will feature a range of art works for sale including paintings, photographs, collages, postcards, jewelry, and plants from LA artists.  There is so much going on at “Our LA Voices” Arts and Culture Fest you must check it out yourself. 

April 2. Water Lantern Festival

Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

Let there be light! Shed the light! I see the light!  Oh brother, I could go on and on with that Tomatoes… sorry I just can’t help myself sometimes. There is a lot to love about the “1000 Lights Water Lantern Festival” at Hansen Dam and Recreation Park. What a lovely and magical way to celebrate hope, happiness, love and the good things in your life by experiencing thousands (literally) of floating lanterns on the water Tomatoes. 

A few hours before sunset, you can enjoy local food trucks, vendors, and carefully curated live music. As the sun dips behind the horizon, thousands of water lanterns are launched onto the water to illuminate the night. And not to worry Tomatoes, the Rice Paper Lanterns on bamboo bases are 100% bio degradable and The 1000 Lights Water Lantern Festival Team is trained to recover every lantern released into the water so you can come to enjoy the beauty of the event without any worries.

June 2. “Hats & Flats Garden Party”

Earth Day, Tea by the Sea, LA Voices, Lantern Fest, Garden Party

Lady Deborah (aka Debbie Zipp) and The Three Tomatoes LA request your fab presence, and whoever you desire to accompany you (gentlemen welcome), for the “Hats & Flats Garden Party” on Sunday June 2 at Chatsworth Manor & Garden. Lady Deborah’s Lady in Waiting, Flora, assures you that this will be THE event of the season and only THE very finest of Los Angeles Tomatoes have been extended an invitation.  Get your tickets.


  • The Three Tomatoes LA Life editor, Debbie Zipp is your friendly guide to the best of everything in LA with a tomato style perspective. Debbie is an actor, producer, and writer. She is best known for her recurring role as Donna on the CBS series "Murder She Wrote" starring Angela Lansbury. She has had many other TV and stage roles and has starred in over 300 national TV commercials. As head of In The Trenches Productions, Debbie produced, directed, acted in many short films for her company. Her book, The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known was recently published. Buy her book: The Aspiring Actor's Handbook: What Seasoned Actors Wish They Had Known

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