LA LIFE: Blessings, Blooms, Communication, Night Out, Garden Party

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LA LIFE: Blessings, Blooms, Communication, Night Out, Garden Party

April is a very good time for blooms at The Huntington and this year is even better. Calling all pets! No matter what your beliefs, the “Blessing of the Animals” is a beautiful centuries-old tradition for our loving pets. The Alzheimer’s Association Southland Chapter is back next week with another invaluable Lunch and Workshop hosted by Aegis of Granada Hills. Magnolia Park pulls out the red carpet for “Ladies and Gents Night Out” where every shopper is a star.  The next Three Tomato LA Event “Annual Hats & Flats Garden Party” is scheduled for Sunday June 2nd.  So…Save the Date… Ladies! And I wish everyone a super fantabulous Passover and Easter.

Huntington Blooms

LA LIFE: Blessings, Blooms, Communication, Night Out, Garden Party

What’s blooming? Well, The Huntington is filled to the brim with blooms like Lilacs, Orchids, Hibiscus, Scarlet Sage, Matija Poppies, Pink Cloud, not to mention this is the height of cactus and succulent blooms. And the Huntington is also blooming with delightful events happening this week and I’ll give you the highlights so Tomatoes can visit and cherish the marvelous spring we are having.

You’ve got the “Ranch Open House” April 20 for learning fresh ideas for sustainable gardening and the exquisite “Celia Paul” exhibition that focuses on the themes of memory, family, and the inner lives of women. Last, but not least, Tomatoes can enjoy traditional Chinese music every Wednesday afternoon in the Garden of Flowing Fragrance . Now all the blooms and these events make for a superb time at The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens!

April 20. Blessing of the Animals

LA LIFE: Blessings, Blooms, Communication, Night Out, Garden Party

Our pets bless us each and every single day, so they deserve to be celebrated with “The Blessing of the Animals” at Olvera Street, the birthplace of LA. In the early days, a priest would bless livestock for health and productivity and in 1930 family pets joined the farm animals.  Tomorrow the popular LA spring tradition continues with all pets and humans, religions and cultures are welcome at one of LA’s most popular spring events.

Way back in the 13th century St. Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals, so the Catholic Church started “The Blessing of the Animals” to honor St. Francis and his beloved animals. The Archbishop of LA, Jose Gomez, will be doing this modern-day blessing Tomatoes.  Blessings abound for all LA’s animals in the historic  Olvera Street since 1930. It’s a wonderful tradition Tomatoes!

April 24. FREE Workshop Communicating with Someone with Dementia”

LA LIFE: Blessings, Blooms, Communication, Night Out, Garden Party

Aegis of Granada Hills partners with The Alzheimer’s Association Southland Chapter to bring you, your friends and/or your family yet another, invaluable and FREE Lunch & Learn Workshop Wednesday April 24 12pm – 1:30pm.  If you have a loved one suffering from Dementia, then learning “Effective Communication Strategies” is oh so important Tomatoes. The lunch is darn good & complimentary.

You will learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia and identify strategies to help you connect and communicate at each stage of this disease.  I am so thankful for these workshops Tomatoes.  I have learned so much from the information, perspective and insights the Southland Alzheimer’s Association presents so I can cope and understand my Mother who is a victim of Dementia. You must R.S.V.P to the Concierge at Aegis of Granada Hills either by phone (818) 363-3373 or email. Do yourself a big favor and attend this seminar.  I’ll be there Tomatoes.

April 26. Ladies & Gents Night Out

LA LIFE: Blessings, Blooms, Communication, Night Out, Garden Party

Magnolia Park in Burbank is one of LA’s coolest retro main streets, with its small town charm and  amazing choices of shopping and dining. But on the last Friday of every month “Ladies and Gents Night Out”, from January to October, makes it an even cooler place to hang with over 30 food trucks on hand, live music, late night shopping and more. The Tomato Gents are welcome and it’s free! Woo Hoo!

And now is a great time to enjoy a gorgeous Los Angeles spring evening strolling, shopping  and eating. “Ladies and Gents Night Out” was started in 2010 by the Magnolia Park Merchants Association in order to promote small business shopping in the area and 9 years later the area and the event is still thriving. And don’t worry Tomatoes, there is parking available on the street and in parking lots.

June 2.  SAVE THE DATE. “Hats & Flats Garden Party”

Lady Deborah (aka Debbie Zipp) and The Three Tomatoes LA request your fab presence, and whoever you desire to accompany you, at the “Hats & Flats Garden Party” on Sunday June 2 happening at the “Chatsworth Manor & Garden”. The brilliant Penny Peyser, a fine lady from a good family held in high esteem for her extraordinary talent and personal charm, will be performing with guests being treated to tasty bites, refreshments, champagne, music, gift bags and a few surprises. Lady Deborah’s handmaiden is sure this will be the event of the season so be sure to mark your calendars to Save the June 2nd date and time 2-5pm. Only $10 Tomatoes and more info to follow.

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