LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

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LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

Yes, it has felt like summer but today is the first official day of summer so… “Happy First Day of Summer Tomatoes!” The “Off the 405” summer concert series at The Getty Center Courtyard is off to a great start. The Jewish Women’s Theatre at The Braid shows it’s “True Colors”. The Music Center is bringing back Dance DTLA so let’s hear a Woo Hoo! The Skirball’s “Black is Beautiful” exhibit shines a light on self-love and how art can change the world.  And “The Style of Sin” talks & series begins at the Egyptian Theatre.

June 25, 26, 29, 30.  True Colors

LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

 “True Colors”, inspiring stories from Jews of Color, from Jewish Women’s Theatre at The Braid and directed by the amazing Tomato Susan Morgenstern has been extended by popular demand and you know what that means Tomatoes…it is really really REALLY good. So I would get your tickets ASAP Ladies.

It’s been called an “enlightening gem”, “exceptionally well written and performed” and “a Tour de Force” among other significant praises.  The humorous, revealing and sometimes painful poignant stories from Jews of Color explore identity, community and being a Jew in modern times. But you won’t just experience the amazing performance of “True Colors” but a gallery show by the same name as well Tomatoes.  JWT artistic director Ronda Spinak says, “Jewish Women’s Theatre’s TRUE COLORS gallery show and salon performances spotlight the experiences of Jews of Color. The creators of the artworks and stories share their personal insights in some of the most creative ways Jewish Women’s Theatre audiences have ever seen or heard. These are poignant and moving stories of questioning, of feeling like the outsider, of committing to Judaism…quintessential and universal Jewish stories!”  Now that says it all gals. Definitely worth seeing and only 4 more performances. Hop to it!

June 22 – Sept 14.  Off the 405 Concert Series

LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

What could be a more exceptional place to enjoy a live summer concert than the Getty Museum courtyard in the evening with its breathtaking architecture, gorgeous gardens and incredible sunset views?  You tell me Tomatoes.

Off the 405” is the Getty Center’s annual outdoor summer free concert series bringing the best up and coming, exciting and diverse DJ’s and Live Bands to the Getty’s outdoor stage. Did I say it is FREE Tomatoes?

All you pay for is the parking. First up is “L’Rain”, the songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer, who is making her Los Angeles debut. There’s special pop-up snack bars, food and drink at the museums outlet or bring a picnic. What a wonderful and easy peasy way to spend a summer Saturday night Tomatoes.

June 21 – August 30. Dance DTLA

LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

It’s always good to shake your booty gals and the Music Center makes it possible to dance on Friday nights under the stars all summer long. Just start jiggling to the music and trip the light fantastic with variety of dance styles at this free dance party for all Angeleno’s. Tomatoes, remember…women over 40 rock…literally. So, join the fun!

Each Friday night features a different dance genre and beginner dance lessons led by top L.A. dance instructors alongside a live band or DJ. And all ages welcome and no experience necessary. It all starts tonight June 21 with Bollywood Night Tomatoes. Grab some yummy specials for your picnic basket at “Grand Central Market” and hop on the free Downtown Concierge Shuttle over to The Music Center! Sounds like a plan Ladies!

Till September 1. Black is Beautiful

LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

The exhibition “Black Is Beautiful: The Photography of Kwame Brathwaite”, presented by the visionary Skirball Cultural Center, is indeed beautiful and reveals how Kwame Brathwaite used his photography as an agent of social change from the late 1950s through the 1960s. And it is the first-ever major exhibition dedicated to Kwame Brathwaite.

A very exciting and important exhibition Tomatoes! Black is Beautiful: The Photography of Kwame Brathwaite” features over forty photographs of black women and men with natural hair and clothes that reclaimed their African roots and more. The Skirball believes that the “Black is Beautiful” exhibition is a stunning example of the Skirballs’ deep-rooted values that communities are strengthened by diversity and celebrates our commonalities and honors our differences. Bravo! LA Tomatoes should be very proud of the Skirball for shining a light on the message of self-love and pride that propelled the “Black is Beautiful” movement and for illuminating that Kwame Brathwaite used his artistic gift, during a time of great social injustice and violations of human rights, to inspire thought, relay ideas, and tell stories of struggle. Hopefully, this exhibit will instill hope and inspire visitors to work towards building a better world Tomatoes.

Starts June 30. The Style of Sin

LA LIFE: Concerts, Art, Dancing, Sin Style

The Style of Sin 1930-1934: Precode Film with Kimberly Truhler” 6-part screening & speaker series at the American Cinematheque at The Egyptian Theatre is finally here and it looks absolutely fascinating, fun and risqué Tomatoes! Wowza!

Kimberly Truhler, film fashion expert and historian, knows her stuff and can open our eyes to the Pre-Code Era of Hollywood and how iconic costume design influences fashion today.  The Pre-Code era of Hollywood refers to the years between 1930 when the Production Code was adopted and 1934 when it was in full effect. The Code prohibited seeing many sins on screen, so Pre-Code films are beloved for how risqué and provocative they could be with their look and content. Kimberly begins each event with an informative presentation where you will also learn about the costume designers themselves – how they contributed to the style of the studios along with the evolution of the actresses’ careers and personal style, followed by a double feature.  The first double feature on June 30  will include the films “Ladies of Leisure” and “Baby Face” starring Barbara Stanwyck. What a delightful way to spend time with a friend or two Tomatoes.  And it is happening every month with a new presentation and double feature from that era through November! 

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