LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

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LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

August?! Really?! And here is how the month is starting.  “Jazz on the Lawn” in Santa Monica returns for its 14th Season. Experience the life, death and the women of Edgar Allan Poe at the perfect setting of Heritage Square Museum.  The Alzheimer’s Association and Aegis Living of Granada Hills are having another very valuable discussion. Another important and creative conversation with artists will be taking place at The Loft at Liz’s. Mosquito season is super bad this year Tomatoes, and I’ll give you the skinny on keeping those pesky bites to a minimum. Yep, it’s possible! August is going to be lots of fun.

Sundays in August.  Jazz on the Lawn

LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

The heat is on in LA but you can cool down every Sunday in August with the Santa Monica “Jazz on the Lawn” concert series, hosted by Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, at Gandara Park. Relax and enjoy a sampling of genres through a lively jazz lens that will appeal to all. Feel the beat tomatoes and hint…hint…bring your dancing shoes.

The “GliFoS” is on the slate for this Sunday August 4. Influenced by Afrofunk, Afrobeat, psychedelic jazz, funk, and soul from the 60’s and 70’s, GliFoS has created and coined their own genre, Vodou Funk. Plus, this Sunday get there early for a 30-minute Afro-fusion dance lesson on the lawn with a pro swing dancer, Tomatoes. There are even intermission performances gals. You are also welcomed to bring a picnic or sample the tastes of the Food Trucks on hand. All the bases are covered at “Jazz on the Lawn”

We know that public speaking fills many of us with dread and speaking up is also a problem for many of us. What a great conversation we had this week with communications and public speaking expert Diane DiResta and author of the best-selling book “Knockout Presentations” who shared techniques to help us all become better speakers. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

August 2,4,16,17,18.  Assassination of Edgar Allan Poe

LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

Disappear into the haunting life of Edgar Allan Poe with an immersive unique theatre experience from the Downtown Repertory Theatre Company at The Heritage Square Museum before it is gone.  Only 5 performances remain for Tomatoes to be a witness to “The Assassination of Edgar Allan Poe”. Sounds like great fun especially for a group of gal pals.

Explore the strange and tragic life of Edgar Allan Poe as it unfolds in and around the Victorian mansions of Heritage Square Museum. Choose which characters and story lines to follow as you delve into the tortured life and mysterious death of literature’s Master of the Macabre.  A portion of the proceeds goes to Heritage Square Museum.

August 7.  Diverted Destruction 12 Exhibit & Talk

LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

The “Diverted Destruction 12” Exhibit through August 19 at The Loft at Liz’s and curated by Liz Gordon reflects how we are a “Throw Away” society. But if we get creative, we don’t have to be Tomatoes. If you want to have a lively and timely conversation about your “trash”, attend Wednesdays “Free Artist Talk and Recycling Panel Discussion”.

Curator Liz Gordon, top assemblage artists Monica Wyatt and Dave Lovejoy will be brainstorming and giving perspective to the way we view and can reuse commonplace “trash” in creative and useful ways. LA City Environmental Affairs Officer, Jennifer Pinketton, who has worked for the City of LA on climate change, air quality, solar and green power, will tell those attending what they can and can NOT do with their waste. Methinks it’s a great place to be on Wednesday evening Tomatoes.

August 9. Tough Conversations

LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

If you have a dear loved one who is, perhaps, showing signs of dementia it’s time to investigate and talk.  But that kind of conversation can be challenging and uncomfortable.  Believe me, I know.  The Alzheimer’s Association and Aegis Living of Granada Hills are here to help with a free lunch and a seminar to give you the guidance you may need Tomatoes. 

This program offers tips on how to have honest and caring conversations to address some of the most common issues like going to the doctor, deciding when to stop driving and making legal and financial plans. I can personally attest to the value of attending one of their programs.  Even if you have doubts whether your loved one may have dementia or not, it is worth your time because these programs can be very enlightening.  If you want to be there be sure to RSVP by calling Aegis Concierge at 818-363-3373.

Mosquito Invasion

LA LIFE: Lawn Jazz, Edgar Allan Poe, Conversations, Mosquitoes

Egads Tomatoes! LA has a new type of mosquito  in town that is tiny, relentless, bites multiple times, attacks during the day too, eats through clothes and can breed in just a bottle cap of water. Holy Moly they have no Mercy! I’m giving very juicy and yummy Tomatoes a heads up so you can try to avoid being eaten alive by these mean buggers.  

I spend a lot of time in my garden Tomatoes and over the last 10 days I’ve acquired 30 or more mosquito bites on my arms, face, feet, ankles and legs. I’m flattered that I’m so delicious and attractive but…it’s a true source of misery. What was going on? Usually, I might get one or 2 bites total here in Los Angeles in the summer months and only in the evening, this amount of mosquito bite torture would only happen to me in humid parts of the country like the Midwest or East Coast. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I came across this article, “Getting Eaten Alive by Mosquitoes? Here’s All You Need to Know” and it confirms that we have a new, especially aggressive blood sucker from Asia invading So Cal. 

As always, I want you to have the info I’ve gathered so you are aware of the new visitor in LA and take the necessary precautions to avoid being covered in Calamine Lotion head to toe.  I’m listing links to several articles I have found helpful with important info and tips for prevention and protection below.  So, Tomatoes, their family and friends can spend time outdoors comfortably and safely.  And, can spread the word.  For now, I’m spraying myself with Mosquito repellant (ones containing ingredients recommended by CDC) if I venture outside and I will investigate and utilize some of the suggestions in these articles.  Here’s to enjoying the rest of the LA Summer Season and being a bite free Tomatoes! Good Luck!

West Nile

Why mosquitos bite

Tick and Mosquito Protection

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