10 Must Have Kitchen Pots and Pans

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Is the year you’ve vowed to cook more meals? Not only is cooking at home cheaper than dining out, but it’s much healthier too. So, when was the last time you inventoried your pots and pans?  Do you have pots and pans you never use? Are some of your old favorites a little past their prime? Maybe it’s time to start a- new and ditch the old set and invest in a few quality must have pots and pans.  Check out Good Housekeeping’s cookware reviews.  Rather than going for a pre-package set, pick and choose the one’s you need.  Here are a 10 essential pots and pans that most chefs would agree should be in your kitchen. And really, that’s all you need.

3 Sauté Pans

10 Must Have Kitchen Pots and Pans

These are probably the most versatile of pans that have multiple uses. Invest in good quality pans and have one in small, medium, and large. Featured here is a Calphalon large sauté pan (they have 4 sizes). Check them out.

One Non stick skillet and One Non-Stick Saucepan

10 Must Have Kitchen Pots and Pans

There are some foods that are just easier to cook in non-stick. And if you have any non-stick pans that are scratched or the coating is missing, throw them out immediately. Check out all All-Clad’s non-stick skillets that can go in the oven too.  (You only need one.)

One Cast Iron Skillet

10 Must Have Kitchen Pots and Pans

Cook you’re your grandmother did. Cast iron skillets can handle high heat and are great for searing steaks, pan roasting, cooking on the grill or, and throwing into the oven.  We like the which is already -re-seasoned.  Picked a size that’s right for you. We like the 12” Lodge Cast pre-seasoned skillet.

A Dutch Oven

cuisnart dutch ovenThese are essential for pot roasts and goulash. The cast iron construction means it maintains heat well.  Use on the stove top or in the oven.  We love ours. Pick a size again that fits your needs.  (Warning: once you have one you will want more.)  And of course, the best on the market are Cuisinart.

One 3-Quart Heavy-Bottom Sauce Pan

10 Must Have Kitchen Pots and Pans

The heavy bottom keeps the heat even. And the quart size is good for cooking pasta and making sauces too.  We like this one from Italian pan maker, Bialetti that comes with a built-in strainer.

A Big Stock Pot

10 Must Have Kitchen Pots and PansEvery kitchen needs a big ass stock pot for cooking lobsters, making chicken soup, and actually making stock too. Pick a size that suits your needs.  Here’s a 20 qt stainless steel pot.

A Roasting Pan with Rack

roasting panRoast anything from a pork roast to a turkey.  This Super Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Roaster, provides even heat conductivity, is durable and will last for years .  Check it out.

Rimmed Baking Sheet

baking sheetsThis is such a great multi-purpose pan which is why they’re used in the kitchens of most restaurants.  You can bake it in, roast in it, and so much more.  Get this set of two (non-stick) from Calphalon.


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