31 Thrift Store Tips

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31 Thrift Store Tips

We love thrift shops and consignment stores. There’s nothing better than the thrill of a “great find.” It’s also good for the planet too. It’s all part of sustainability and clothes that last longer, help to conserve our planet’s resources. But sometimes it can a little overwhelming.  So we were excited to discover this video from Mary Elizabeth, an LA interior decorator & stylist with her 31 tips for thrift store finding. Check out her other videos too.

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  1. Avatar Leslie Marguerite Smallwood says:

    Besides food like the Lemon Bars……this was one of the best little fun and helpful video’s I’ve seen in a long time, and Miss Mary Elizabeth is right on the money! Two things though…when I saw the political tag on the car I said, “Oh no, hope this isn’t going to reflect on the message, and yes sometimes the clothes smell, many stores spray them when they come in, and if I really like the piece I’ll take it home and wash it or rarely dry clean it and poof! smell gone, if it’s really bad then of course not. I love thrift and this was fun and informative, thanks.

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