5 Tips for Summer Travel

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The 5Cs for Summer Travel

Crowds. Air traffic in March 2016 -March 2017 was up by more than 2 million available seats and almost the same increase in passengers. At the same time, The US has not built more airports and expanded very few. Some of the busiest airports have minimal places to eat, even to buy a snack or sit down. So how can we make a vacation actually begin at our crammed airport?

You might not agree with this suggestion, but here goes: If you see people hogging seats they will often say ‘I am saving this seat for a friend’. You can respond: I am going to sit here and when your friend arrives, I will move immediately. I do this often and at least 75% of the time it works nicely and everyone gets to sit down part of the time. Once it was not a pleasant experience but I got to sit for an hour until the occupant returned and had a hissy fit.

Charging your phone. First of all, turn off every app you do not need to extend battery life; for instance, Facebook/news/ notifications. Some airlines have electric charging plugs in departure areas so you are in luck there. Here is a guide to charging stations in US airports. Some do not have these and you will find yourself scouring the walls and floors with others doing the same.

Charging etiquette is to remove your device when it is 100% charged. If you check for devices in the plugs, you will find their owners quickly as everyone keeps eyes on electronics. Ask those who are charged 100% if you can use the plug. This can get testy as people hog electricity as if it is a lifesaver. Alternatively, invest in an external battery. Since most of us know little about batteries, go on Amazon and read reviews. I ended up with a well reviewed $26 battery that will recharge a phone for hours. Some of these can be heavy, fyi. Learn your battery and charge it
up before you leave home.

Third comment, bring an empty bottle to fill up with water if you can only get to a fountain, and bring decent snacks, something above peanut butter crackers!

Clothing: Put your clothing out on the bed, only take what matches everything else on the bed. That means lots of white tees and blue/black/khaki bottoms. And take a scarf that again goes with 100% of your choices. Resist adding anything else of color. Summer clothes are light and one flimsy black dress will do it for any event. Invest in laundry at your hotel and enjoy packing less and unpacking less when you return home.

Climate: Don’t assume anything. www.weather.com is a must before you leave. Another good site is underground.com. The second map gives you very localized temperatures which you might need. For instance, it can be 10 degrees cooler at the coast than inland at the same time.

Consider adding a weather icon to your smart phone or tap weather into google.com for a quick look.

Crisis: Do not allow crowds and heat to stress you. You are on vacation and go ahead and put yourself into a zone. This is one reason to bring really good snacks and not be overloaded with luggage. If you check luggage, you will be liberated from dragging weight around the airport and into the bathroom I like the super light IT British suitcases, they don’t last forever but they float. Finally if you do not have wifi and must check information on your phone, ask someone to lend you their wifi via airdrop. You should avoid looking at anything confidential with airdrop but for a quick look at your email, you might have to ask for a favor. Most people are nice about helping out this way.

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  1. Sheryl Kayne says:

    Hi Phyllis! Love your column. Charging phones is no longer the problem it used to be vying for space at airport charging stations. Now there are portable chargers that fit right into your handbag or backpack, the same size, or smaller than your cellphone. My friend Annie and I were both on our way to Italy around the same time. She bought a Mophie, a very cute portable charger for her cell phone and IPad and said I needed one ($100). I listened but when I went to find out more about it the sales clerk told me about a few similar products. I bought one called Pocket Juice that will recharge my phone 5 times ($30). Roaming around Rome I became very lost, which is fun up to a point, and was totally dependent upon my GPS which was fading fast when I remembered my backup thanks to Annie. I plugged into the Juice and saved the day! What a handy tool to have when traveling. It works everywhere! Now when I’m out for the day, I simply keep my phone plugged into it as needed and continue using my phone and GPS without unplugging..

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