6 Products We’re Liking This Week

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We have some great finds that include products for easy home fitness,  an active sitting stool that can be used at your desk and for exercise, a portable desk, amazing resusable grocery bags and blue light blocking glasses to prevent computer eyestrain.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

6 Products We’re Liking This Week

The 38″ Rebounder with resistance tubes, and electronic monitor is a fun way to build cardiovascular fitness, tone your legs, abs, buttocks, and back, have more energy, rev up your metabolism, and just feel, look, and be fit. .  $49 Amazon.

GYMBANDIT Resistance Bands

6 Products We’re Liking This Week

Get a set of 5 Premium-Quality Resistance Bands with Bag – Tone Legs and Glutes at Home or at The Gym.  Each band provides a different resistance level:

– Light band (0.6mm) – 10-15lbs
– Medium band (0.8mm) – 15-20lbs
– Heavy band (1.0mm) – 20-25lbs
– X-Heavy band (1.2mm) – 25-30lbs
– XX-Heavy band (1.5mm) – 45-60lbs

$18.99 Amazon.

ErgoErgo Ergonomic Stool for Active Sitting

6 Products We’re Liking This Week

A workout and a chair: This 20½-inch-high stool engages your core while you sit. It’s compact and weighs only seven pounds for easy transporting. In five colors.

Foldable Computer Desk

This computer Writing Desk folds and easily portable. $110 Amazon.

Super Duper Reusable Grocery Bags

6 Products We’re Liking This Week

This HEAVY-DUTY, HIGH CAPACITY REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS – hold over 50 pounds in each bag, and has a mesh bottom that ensures spills don’t pool in the bottom of the bag. This set is designed to fit average-sized shopping cart or trolley including at Kroger, Vons, Ralphs, Publix, Walmart & Whole Foods. There is even a a wide club cart version for Costco, Target, etc. They are machine washable. They even include an insulated cooler bag. $35.99 Amazon.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

6 Products We’re Liking This Week

If you’re spending a lot more time on the computer these days protect your eyes from computer and UV glare with these blue light blocking glasses. $18 for 2 pairs.

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