7 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

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Most of us associate cheap with back packing/hiking/dirt. There are many other ways to be a budget traveler.  Even on trips that are all-inclusive, like the ones we offer at The Women’s Travel Group you can still save money by trying out a few of these ideas. Here are 7 tips for “cheapskate” travelers and the rest of us too.

7 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

  1. Find supermarkets and open-air food markets to avoid restaurant meals. Overseas supermarkets are often underground or basement level of general merchandise stores. Follow locals carrying bags of food and ask where the supermarket is. Same with outdoor markets. If you wish to eat fresh fruit unpeeled, here is the trick. Bring camping iodine pills with you. Dissolve them in sink water in an ice bucket if there is one in your hotel room. If not ask for one. Leave fruit for a minimum of 30 minutes submerged in the water. Then eat safely.
  1. Buy your own pre dinner wine. Remember to pack a corkscrew and small knife in your luggage. Many countries have good wine; you will be pleasantly surprised in India, Ethiopia and other non-wine known areas. If you want names of wines to find in unusual countries, try the wine on your flights. For instance, on Ethiopian Airways, they serve a nice local wine. Same on Air India and same on Turkish Air. (Wherever the Roman Empire spread, there is good wine in case you did not know).
  1. I also like to take a plastic cup (love the kids cups from IKEA). This way you can drink part of a bottle of water or soda or share it with a friend or save it for later. Remember if you buy a bottle of water or soda on the street, you will be handed a bottle, probably no straw and definitely no cup. Return it if it is unopened and request that you open it yourself.
  1. Wash your own clothes! Forget decorum. Use hotel shampoo, which is a grease cutter if you only have a small amount of laundry. Hang to dry and finish off with the hair dryer if need be.
  1. Bring some cash if you plan to shop. Currently the dollar is very strong worldwide. Merchants might discount with dollars. If you need to keep your dollars, offer part of the purchase price in US. A US check might also be accepted by a merchant with a brother in law in New Jersey–seriously.
  1. Bargaining requires a different article. Rule of thumb, start at half, be positive about how much you love the article, and go from there. Never say anything negative or cynical like: I bet it isn’t silver. Say: Can you help me understand the silver content of this xxx. Don’t be afraid to walk away and come back if you are still in love with the item.
  1. Finally never throw away the freebies: take your airplane breakfast with you for later eating when you are actually hungry. If wine is served in small bottles, keep it unopened from the plane and bring it for your welcome drink. Keep plastic dinnerware for picnics.
7 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

A recent trip to Argentina via the Women’s Travel Group.

The Women’s Travel Group offers many inclusive tours for women to places like India, Italy for Thanksgiving, Morocco for Christmas, Yucatan and Merida, Mexico City, Berlin, Tuscany and many more. We hope you find these tips helpful, money saving and easy to implement. A saving of $50 will get you some pretty nice jewelry in India or a great scarf in Italy!

Phyllis Stoller |Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com |www.thewomenstravelgroup.com

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