A Beautiful Long Hair Makeover

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Here’s how Christopher Hopkins describes Laura’s makeover: “Laura is 64, retired, and came in with long thick hair and wanted something new. She was afraid of losing much length, but open to what I thought. Often people assume I’ve said that a woman should cut her hair after “a certain age.” I’ve never said that. I have said often long hair can be less flattering as a face ages as it can draw the eye down and away from her eyes. In this case, not only did she have healthy thick and youthful looking long hair, she had a youthful face, knows how to wear makeup, and knows how to style her hair. It was, however, a bit heavy so creative layering helped lift the focus from neck to eyes and the movement reflected light up and out rather than down and under. We travel down and under all by ourselves so anything that lift up and out does help!”


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