A Fine Line Opens at Cinema Village

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A wonderful film exploring why less than 7% of  head chefs and restaurant owners are women.

A Fine Line Opens at Cinema Village

Recently, while traveling on a plane, I caught a documentary that really intrigued, engaged and inspired me. The film, A Fine Line, focuses on women chefs and their challenges in the industry.

Joanna James is the director, writer and editor of the film and she features her mother, Valerie James, a single mom, with little support, who with determination and passion was able to successfully build a restaurant following in Holden, Massachusetts.

Also featured in this movie: Lidia Bastianich, Cat Cora, April Bloomfield, Dominique Crenn and many more culinary stars.

The documentary will be screened in New York beginning on Feb. 28 at Cinema Village, with panel discussions following. Definitely a great film to check out!

Joanna recently joined me on my radio show, “Bagels and Broadway” and we had a great conversation about her film, which, by the way, is her first! Listen here in here.

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