A Unique Interactive Play

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Interactive play performed by cast, presented by different companies around the country

A Unique Interactive Play
Photo: Cherie B. Tay

How would you like to enjoy a new play that is entirely unique in its content and presentation?

American Dreams, directed by Tamilla Woodard, is now playing virtually on a computer screen near you.

A Unique Interactive Play
Tamilla Woodard

Yale School of Drama professor and new co-artistic director of the Working Theater, Tamilla was recently named one of 50 Women to Watch on Broadway by the Broadway Women’s Fund. That was right before the shutdown of all theatres. But that hasn’t stopped Tamilla.

In addition to her new post,  she directed this innovative play and is presenting it by the Working Theater. In a unique partnership with a cross section of leading theaters and cultural organizations around the country, American Dreams is an interactive piece that can be attended virtually.  The convention for this play is that of a game show run by the government, where the only way to gain US citizenship is to compete for it. The audience gets to choose the winner at each performance.

Written by Leila Buck, American Dreams is presented online by each individual theatre company.

A Unique Interactive Play

You can hear my conversation with Tamilla Woodard and other fascinating people talking about theatre, food, lifestyle and New York issues on Saturday’s Bagels and Broadway with Valerie Smaldone, from 9-10AM on WNYM Radio, online and Alexa. Available on podcast after airing.

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