Arm Spanx and Other Add on Sleeves

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Yes, Tomatoes Arm Spanx are a thing.  They were just launched and are being billed by Spanx as tights for your arms. Wear then under sleeveless clothes during transitional seasons or just to cover arms you may not totally love.  These are interesting for a sporty look, but about that beautiful sleeveless cocktail dress you bought, and love except for your bat wins?  Well there are beautiful add on sleeves you can wear for those occasions too.  So if your arms jiggle or you woke up one morning with “bat wings” here are some options.

Spanx Arm Tights

Spanx wants to revolution your arms with spanx.  Availble in multiple colors. $30-$35 at Spanx.

Add Lace Sleeves to Any Dress or Top

Wear under your sleeveless dress for instant sleeves, balancing comfort with beauty. $20-25 at Amazon.

Lace Camisole

This pretty lace camisole top is a layering hero, beautifully expanding your wardrobe and enhancing your style. Designed in lightweight stretch lace, the longsleeve cropped women’s top helps transition summer tank tops into fall, lends modesty to lowcut blouses or knits  $15 at Amazon.

Long Sleeve Mesh Sheer See Through Top

Nylon and spandex. It comes it many colors too.  Available at Amazon.

Sleevey Wonders

Reversible slip-on sleeves made to wear UNDER all your sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses, magically transforming your outfit into something new. $52. Amazon.

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  1. Finally! Several years ago I went into Nordstrom’s asking for just this item. I was greeted with blank looks. And now it’s a thing……hallelujah. Thanks for the links.

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