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By Paul Julch

At Home StyleDo you work from home, either part-time or all of the time?  Or are you a ‘tomato of leisure’?  Have you had days where you get the spouse/kids out the door, then get involved in chores/emails/life, and suddenly realize that it’s lunchtime and you haven’t even gotten dressed, let alone eaten?  Believe me – I’ve been there.  When I’m not in clients’ closets, filling wardrobe gaps, or creating look books, I’m at home – spending part of the time on client portfolios, social media and other work – and the rest of the time playing chauffer, walking dogs, and keeping the house in order.  And yes, it can be a struggle to set aside time to pull myself together in the morning – but it’s worth it.

Being prepared for the day, in every aspect, will help you focus on what needs to get done, and also have you ready for whatever comes up.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel your 100% best anytime a client calls for an impromptu meeting, or your friend shows up out-of-the-blue to grab you for lunch?  The good news is – it’s not that hard.  And yes, you’re worth it.

You can be prepared for whatever the day throws at you with a few outfit formulas and 15 extra minutes in the morning.  I’ve created 3 types of at-home ‘uniforms’ (with 4 examples of each) to get you through late spring/early summer.  So use them as invigoration and inspiration to toss off those sweats/yoga pants/never-leave-the-house clothes, and be ready for whatever comes up, in style.


At Home StyleDoes your day have you in and out of the car – drop-offs, errands, pick-ups, etc.?  Then a cropped jacket is ideal.  A printed top perks up a solid jacket and jeans, and pointed-toe flats are dressy enough if something comes up (not to mention what they do for your legs!).


At Home StyleIf you’re more of a cardigan than a jacket gal – pick one that has some print, some color, or an interesting detail.  Then throw on a simple tank and your ankle-length khakis.  What’s the best thing about ankle length pants?  They work great with sandals, but are also perfect with heels or wedges if you need to dress up just a bit more.


At Home StyleIs your weather a little more summer balmy than spring breezy?  If it is, shorts and an easy sweater are your go-to work-from-home uniform.  And if part of the day entails chasing kids around – slip-on sneakers and a carry-everything tote mean that you’re prepared for whatever the little ones can dish out.

No matter what you choose to wear at home, make sure you’re taking time for yourself – to pull yourself together, to feel great about how you look, and to remind yourself that even though you may be at home, you’re still worth it.

PJ serious headshotPaul Julch helps busy people to streamline, organize, and update their wardrobes so they can get dressed with ease and always look stylish and feel confident. Any budget, any lifestyle, any body.  His business is Urbanite|Suburbanite, and he works with clients to develop a modern, current, versatile wardrobe that expresses personal style rather than trends. Paul is based in the SF Bay Area, and remote wardrobe & style coaching is available for out-of-towners. Visit Paul’s website  for more style advice, and follow him on Facebook , and Instagram to stay up to date on the best styling tips and tricks.

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