Benefits of Collagen Powder and Body Products You’ll Love

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I’m excited to share with you with products I have recently discovered that I am in love with, and I think you might like them too. First, there’s collagen powder.  I was skeptical at the claims at first – including better skin, diminishing wrinkles, and digestion – but not anymore! And I am a junky for bath and skin care products and here are a few of the truly outstanding ones that are now front and center on my bathroom counter.

SABON – a great discovery

I love walking into bath and skin care products stores and sampling different products. My most recent discovery is a fabulous store in Greenwich Village in New York City –  SABON. Turns out they’ve been there for 13 years, but  I wasn’t familiar with their products, but that’s because they have only recently expanded into the U.S (Their only other store here is in Chicago.) Founded in Tel Aviv as soap makers in the mid-nineties their fabulous product line using blends of local herbs and flowers and oils, has expanded.  Their first store opened in the heart or Tel Aviv and you’ll find stores in Rome and Tokyo too, among other major cities.  The New York City store is a beautiful oasis of fabulous scents, products, and very helpful staff.  I fell in love with several products, but left with these two below which I love, love, love. And here’s the good news Tomatoes –  you can shop online for the entire product line, which is reasonably priced too.

Sabon Oil Body Wash

I bought the spicy vanilla scent which is a delight to the senses, and I have to say this is the most nourishing body wash I have ever used.  It’s enriched with powerful oils, Almond, Grapeseed and Rosemary. It comes in several scents, but the Spicy Vanilla is a warm sweet scent, with balsamic and musk undertones, 250 ML. SLS & Paraben Free. On sale right now for $15.20.  

Body Butter Heaven


I love body butter creams, and usually get them on sale at TJ Max. But now I know why Sabon’s body butter has become a cult favorite. This is the richest and most luxurious body butter cream I have ever used.  It contains Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, which deeply hydrates the skin and aids to reduce stretch marks. It naturally melts along with your body temperature and absorbs into your skin. It’s on sale for $20.

Bath & Body Works Scented Hand Sanitizers

If you’re like me and always carry a hand sanitizer in your purse – an essential  if you’re a subway rider, and now with the flu, a must have – you know how most of them have that astringent alcohol smelling scent.  Well not these, from Bath & Body Works.  The scents are lovely, and they are anti-bacterial.  You can get 5 different scents for $15.49 at Amazon.

Aromatherapy Body Lotion

I cannot tell you how much I love the scent and the feel of this aromatherapy, mood enhancing body lotion from Bath & Body Works, appropriately called “Happiness.” It contains two oils – Bergamot Essential Oil and Mandarin Essential Oil. You can get two bottles for $24.94 at Amazon.

Collagen Powder – YES!

I was at a cookie swap party over the holidays, when one women commented to one of the other women at the party how great her skin looked.  And she said, “I’ve been taking collagen powder” and then rattled off the benefits.  Being somewhat skeptical, I started reading up on the benefits of taking collagen power as a supplement to your diet and one article that really stood out was this one from Prevention Magazine.

Some of the potential benefits cited by this article in Prevent Magazine are:  In one recent study, women who took a collagen supplement daily experienced a 20% reduction in wrinkle depth around their eyes after 8 weeks. Other research finds that daily supplementation can ease osteoarthritis-related knee pain. And although there aren’t studies on collagen’s effect on gut health yet, there’s probably something to it. Collagen’s amino acids may also help prevent intestinal permeability (i.e., leaky gut)—a condition linked to a host of and autoimmune diseases like MS and celiac disease.

That was enough for me.  So, I started taking collagen powder (see the one below that gets good ratings) and I put a scoop into my morning hot lemon and water drink.  You can add it your coffee (it’s tasteless) or add to a smoothie for extra protein.  Here’s what I have found after 3 months.  Unsolicited, several people have commented on “how good I look”.   And I have to say, I do think my skin looks better, and collagen does help to keep your skin plumped.  But the biggest thing is that some of the digestive issues I occasionally deal with, including constipation, are gone!

Here’s the powder I use.  Do your own research and decide if it’s right for you.

This one is $10.49 at Amazon and lasts about a month.


Editor’s Note:  When we recommend products at The Three Tomatoes, for the most part they are products we have tried or have been recommended to us from reliable sources.  If it’s a product that has paid us to tout their product, we always let you know, and again, it is a product we have vetted. We do occasionally include links to products we like from our affiliate partners and do get a miniscule fee if someone buys that product but trust us – we’re not getting rich on that. Our goal is to provide you with products we think you’ll like.



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  1. Joan Pagano says:

    Thanks for the great tip on collagen powder, Cheryl. Who knew? I ordered mine immediately and am crediting Plan International for all my purchases.

  2. Jill Nosach says:

    Thanks Joan – appreciate the support!

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