Bespoke New Threads

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Bespoke New Threads

Well Tomatoes, you know how challenging it is to find the perfect fitted pant. Men’s fashion has long ruled the custom game – so move over fellas – RedThread is here. Their tagline is “Farewell sizes: hello, personal fit. Instead of us gals blaming our bodies because things don’t fit, RedThread makes pieces – with patent-pending technology- to fit and flatter individual figures.

Bespoke New Threads

All you do is take a quick fit quiz, snap a few pics with your phone and voila, in less than a week your bespoke goodies will arrive. The brand does offer a tee and a jacket, but the pants are clearly the stars of the show. Currently there are two (black) options, an ankle pant and a wide leg pant ($128). Super versatile with a happy fit guarantee. Send them back and they will tweak if not perfect. Bonus – everything is made right in SF!

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