Best Blow Dryers, Plus Blow Drying Tips

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How many times have you said to your hair stylist, “I wish you could blow dry my hair every day?” Well since that’s a bit impractical for most of us, we went to some top experts to get their secrets for blow drying your hair for a sleek professional look. These tips are best for medium length to long hair.

But it all starts with the right blow dryer, and we are over the moon with our very new favorite dryer/styler from Revlon. And we have some other recommendations that come from Good Housekeeping’s Testing Institute.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer is a Life Changer!!

Best Blow Dryers, Plus Blow Drying Tips

Our LA editor Debbie Zipp raved about this combo dryer so much to Cheryl Benton (AKA the head tomato) that she bought it too and also bought one for her granddaughter because she loves it so much.  If you typically blow dry and style your hair with a dryer and round brush this all-in-one dryer/styler from Revlon is a game change.  It has well over 7,000 well deserved five star reviews. First, it can cut drying time in half. It’s easy to handle and you can get volume and beautiful sleek blowout that looks salon perfect. And this not exaggeration. It was $35 on Amazon for a while but now seems to have gone back to its full retail price of $59.99.  So check sales, and Target did have for $35 too.  

Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Wins Best Drying Time

Best Blow Dryers, Plus Blow Drying Tips

Tested in Good Housekeeping’s Beauty Lab, the BaBylissPro tool dried hair the fastest of all the hair dryers and was rated “best overall dryer.” It earned a perfect score for drying time, outperforming every other hairdryer tested. $79.99 on Amazon.

Amazon’s Top-Selling Best Value Hair Dryer

Best Blow Dryers, Plus Blow Drying Tips

This dryer is from Remington and has over 4,000 great reviews. Good Housekeeping gives it best value dryer. It’s just $19.99 at Amazon.

Most Powerful Hair Dryer

Best Blow Dryers, Plus Blow Drying Tips

Good Housekeeping Labs says the Instyle has the strongest airflow of the dryers they tested which means faster drying speed. And it has a dial that lets you customize the heat level. It came out on top for being comfortable to grip and having easy-to-navigate buttons. Two experts noted they “loved” this model, and it was “easy to hold and change settings. $99.99 Amazon.

Blow Drying Techniques and Tips from the Pros

Best Blow Dryers, Plus Blow Drying Tips

#1.  Do NOT blow dry your hair when it is completely damp. Air dry or blow dry your hair (using just your fingers) until it’s about 60-65% dry.

#2. Do NOT use the high heat setting.  The dryer should be cool enough that it won’t burn your hand.

#3. If you are blowing out curly or wavy hair straight, apply a straightening hair serum first

#4. If you want volume, use a root lift product first.  Also, use your hands to lift the hair at the root to blow dry which will give you added lift.

#5.  Divide the hair into three section –  top, middle, and nape and clip them up. If you have bangs dry those first.

#6.  Use the nozzle on your dryer and start at the nape.  Wrap about a 2” section around your brush.  Keep the hair taut, and the nozzle down and start from the roots and make your way down. Make sure to direct the airflow down the shaft.

Roll the brush up and down from the roots to the ends and then back up.  Do not leave the brush in one place and blow dry.

#7. The Big Secret: Before you move the brush on to the next section, cool it by blasting it with the cool button.  That will set the hair and keep your hair looking great a lot longer.

Here’s a good little tutorial from Conair. (Note: they are not advertisers, we just like their step by step easy to follow guide.)


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