Bottega Louie – Italy meets France

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Bottega Louie - Italy meets France, the three tomatoes After The Three Tomatoes successful film series event on Saturday the entire team felt like celebrating.  Bottega Louie was recommended highly and so we headed over to give it a try. From the outside I wasn’t sure we had the right place.  It looked more like a whimsical, magical French bakery but inside it was amazing.  Remember I am not a gourmet foodie but my Nicose Salad was a surprisingly new twist on this traditional salad and every mouthful was a tantalizing delight and my mocha coffee the best I’ve ever had.  It was a restaurant experience like no other. In my humble opinion, tomatoes, Louie is King…Bottega Louie that is.

Bottega Louie - Italy meets France, la restaurants, the three tomatoes

Bottega Louie - Italy meets France, la restaurants, the three tomatoes


Bottega Louie is an Italian restaurant, gourmet market, and French patisserie, set inside the historic, 100-year-old, Brockman Building in Downtown Los Angeles with fresh flowers, high ceilings, white marble, glass and an abundance of light streaming in creating a refreshing, very stylish and somewhat New York sensibility.  Everyone at our 12 person round table was very happy with their food, the ambience and the service.  This place is super popular and they do not take reservations so keep that in mind gals. This is not the place to have a deeply intimate or an important conversation because it is loud but the energy is fabulous and contagious.  There are parking lots within a block or two and one is right across from the new Whole Foods next to the restaurant.  The atmosphere, the food and the bakery are just special. Plus you can go for just a treat and a drink.  Bottega Louie opened in 2009 and the amount of “Best” and “Top” list it has made since then is staggering. What is really great tomatoes is that it is not overpriced.

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