Boulud Sud – An Inventive Menu for Jaded New Yorkers

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Boulud Sud - An Inventive Menu for Jaded New Yorkers


I have a confession to make. I have had a spate of really disappointing dining experiences in New York City.

Time after time, even after copious amounts of research and cross-referencing, I would find a new hot restaurant in New York, and after an okay meal, I would walk away feeling that my dinner was nothing more than mediocre and certainly not worth the hype or the inflated bill.

I kind of gave up looking and when dining out, would always end up at my three or four favorite go-to restaurants. Wonderful restaurants that always do it right. These restaurants are consistent each and every time, providing an overall lovely experience, excellent food and drink, and at reasonable New York restaurant prices.

No longer did I want to even try new places. I had had enough.

But then, last week, a dear friend asked me to meet her at a celebrity chef restaurant in the Lincoln Center area. I agreed but expected to feel completely under whelmed. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

I met my friend at Boulud Sud, one of the many properties in the Boulud portfolio, located on 64th street off of Broadway.

From the lovely greeting by the incredible server, to the wonderful menu, to the choices we made for our meal, everything was exquisite.

First of all, I loved the menu-as each item was clearly inventive, made with flavorful spices and herbs. There were many very healthful choices, and all the dishes were well balanced.

I couldn’t make a decision because I wanted to taste everything.

Boulud Sud - An Inventive Menu for Jaded New Yorkers

The cuisine at Boulud Sud is Mediterranean and Moroccan. Whether you order their incredibly fragrant Chicken Tagine, or the simply grilled fish along with fruits and spices, or pasta made with lemon, everything is beautifully prepared, appealing to the eye and just delicious.

Now this dining experience was well worth the price. And, I am now open to trying other well known or new restaurants in New York.

But, it’s going to be hard to beat Boulud Sud!!

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