Button Advice: To Close or Not to Close

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Very often you may think that if you can’t close the buttons of your jacket or cardigan, you automatically think it doesn’t fit and so you don’t wear it.

You’re wrong, and I’m telling you that with love.

Note: Going forward, I refer to those as toppers.

Take a look at these two photos of me in my fitted blue topper and see the hourglass shape it gives me when open, which makes me look thinner.

If I chose to only wear it when closed… it looks like I’ve gained weight, had breast enlargement surgery,  and am unable to close it. 😳

Tip: When your topper is loose-fitting, try buttoning one or two buttons in the middle to give you a more defined waistline.

Watch the video where I talk about the above outfit, and how it’s possible to use fewer clothes to make more outfits than you already have without having to buy anything new.

Do you want to feel confident and stylish? Tired of feeling insecure about how you look, but not quite sure what to do about it? I’m thrilled to welcome you to my community of women who are done with stressing about dressing and are ready to do something about it! I’m a personal stylist and shopper who shows women what clothes to wear so they’ll make more money, attract better clients, and stop being overwhelmed and insecure. I work with women of all shapes and sizes both in-person and virtually. From shopping to creating fabulous new outfits you’ll have a new wardrobe you can’t wait to wear. I want you smiling as you head out your front door with places to go, people to meet, and things to do. Let’s do this!

Book YOUR complimentary Know What To Wear Zoom call here and I’ll help you identify why you have difficulty choosing what to wear and how to fix it. Hint: It has nothing to do with what size you wear.




  • Scarlett DeBease, Professional Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, is the founder of “The Always Know What To Wear Program™“. As an Image Consultant, Speaker & Savvy Personal Shopper, she shows women how to project confidence & success by always knowing what to wear. As a bonus, Scarlett’s tips will help you Look Younger, Thinner and Taller while projecting Confidence & Success as you now will be wearing the clothes that fit and flatter you the most. Scarlett believes women deserve Real-Overs, not makeovers. Visit her at: www.scarlettimage.com/

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