Can we change the perception of age, or are we fighting a losing battle?

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can we change the perception of age, the three tomatoesYou tomatoes are so evolved. A while ago we polled tomatoes about how we feel about telling our ages. Well 62% of you said you have no problem telling your age. Congratulations. The head tomato however, was in the 27% who said you don’t actually lie about your age, but don’t volunteer it either. It’s that don’t ask, don’t tell policy. (And yes, if you’re doing the math, 11% said they lie about their age.) So it got us to thinking about why some of us are reluctant to tell our age? Is it us being vain, or is it society’s response when you throw a certain number out there?

We think it’s the later, because what usually happens if we say the number “out loud” is invariably “wow, you don’t look that old.” Now our Mamas would have called that a “left handed compliment”. Honestly, it’s not that we look so much younger (although of course we all think we do), but it’s the perceptions of what “that” age should look like. Case in point, the Head Tomato recently received a letter from her county executive’s office, inviting her to a “senior” celebration in the park, with bingo and a chance to get her senior ID card – for free! This so sent her over the edge, that she penned the letter below.

can we change the perception of age, the three tomatoes

Okay, so maybe if we all start shouting out our ages that will change the perception. Hmmm…the head tomato will drink a martini to that on her birthday and ponder deep thoughts like, if you shout your age in the woods will anybody hear? Or maybe we just need to live in France where older women are more appreciated and no asks them to play bingo.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Rhea says:

    Fabulous reply Cheryl! Bingo indeed!
    Obviously the senior perception is so archaic.
    Hopefully your reply will institute some changes
    on thinking.

  2. Avatar Beth Goehring says:

    Your letter to the County Executive should be copywritten and shared so all of us all over America can use it!

  3. Avatar gayle t. says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Cheryl! Great letter. Well done!

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