Change Your Thinking About Getting Organized

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Change Your Thinking About Getting Organized, Bonnie Joe Dewkett, The Three Tomatoes

We’ve all heard that we are what we eat. Well the same is also true for what we think. If you think you can, you will. It is important to stop the negative thoughts and doubts in your organizational skills.

If you think you will never overcome the challenge of kids, a small space or too much clutter, you won’t. The excuses define you and your behavior. You don’t need to a revolution over night. Just simply start to change your way of thinking. Can you find five minutes a day to put things away? Can you find ten things to donate?

Clearing your mind helps you clear the clutter. It sounds corny, but it is so true. And, once the clutter is gone, you will feel even lighter. Remember you are choosing to be unorganized, and you can change that. If you aren’t ready for a life overhaul just yet, just start being AWARE of your habits and thoughts.
Instead of thinking of your stuff as clutter, think about it as things to be grateful for. Instead of dreading the laundry, think about how blessed you are to have clothes. If you have lots of space in your home to clean, that is a blessing, not a burden.

When I ask my clients what they love about their home. Almost always, they have a space they love. Focus on what this space makes you feel. How do you organize it? Then, see how you can apply those concepts to the other areas of your home.

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