Combating Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

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Courtney coverYes, it’s true – spring is less than a month away.  It’s pretty chilly for most – which means that you’re still wearing your winter clothes, and getting really really tired of them.  If you’re experiencing ‘winter wardrobe fatigue’, check out some looks I created for my client, Courtney.

Courtney has a phenomenal wardrobe – a variety of versatile workhorses balanced with fun and unique styles, a generous dose of color and print, and plentiful accessories that complete the looks and add spice.  So what do I do with Courtney?  I spend a handful of hours in her closet every few months, creating looks out of some of her favorite items and giving her new ideas on how to make the most out of her special pieces.

So if you’re looking for the inspiration to add some excitement to what you’ve been wearing for the past few months – see how I styled three of Courtney’s favorite fall/winter picks a few different ways to truly express the versatility and variety in her closet.


Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

A black and white textured or tweed-y blazer is a must for any cold-weather wardrobe.  It’s that crazy versatile piece that you can wear to work, throw on with jeans, or grab for a night out.  And what’s better with a subtly patterned blazer than a fun printed blouse and green heels?  Courtney can take this look to a dressy lunch or fun evening event.

Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

Let a blazer be your not-too-overwhelming outerwear on date night.  It’s ideal coverage over a short sleeve or sleeveless dress – just add booties, tights and a fun belt and make your dinner reservations.

Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

Running the kids to and from school doesn’t necessarily call for yoga gear – this blazer ties together simple jeans, a cute top and moto boots.  And then you’re 100% ready for an early morning coffee meeting, too!


knit dress denim jacket

A long sleeve solid knit dress is a blank slate – use it as the basis for a multitude of winter looks.  I sort of badgered Courtney into this dress – we saw it in a store together, and it looked so amazing on her that I sent her an email a few hours later detailing three ways to wear it.  It’s perfect as a simple day look with a denim jacket, unique necklace and camel boots (check out how the boots pick up the gold in the necklace!).

Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

If it’s a little chillier – add a scarf and that textured blazer.  Then plan to be the most stylish woman of the day.

Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

Courtney didn’t wear this green wool cape too often – but over this dress, it makes an ideal look for a family get-together.  And if the temperatures are really low – wear your wool coat and throw the cape over it in place of a scarf – it adds a little drama and a lot of flair.


Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

If you don’t wear skirts in the winter because you’re too cold – try it!  A wool skirt, tights and boots are just as warm as (if not warmer than) pants – it’s all about the layers.  And if you don’t have a denim or chambray shirt in your wardrobe – it’s time to get one.  Think of it as the blue jeans of your shirt collection – it goes with everything.

Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

A wool skirt is also a stellar option with functional outerwear – it adds a dose of femininity to a look that could become utilitarian if worn with jeans.  Courtney loved the unexpected pairing of the olive jacket and the green skirt – something that I hadn’t tried before, either.  And when in doubt, a little cheetah-print never hurts.

Winter Wardrobe Fatigue

Courtney bought these animal-print flats, but hadn’t had a chance to wear them yet – so we built the look around them.  The skirt adds a hit of color, the black cashmere crewneck sweater gives a dose of cozy texture, and the layered necklaces add a little shine.

Hopefully you’re now sufficiently inspired to brave the cold in style, and enjoy your winter clothes for as long as you need to!

PJ serious headshotPaul Julch helps busy people to streamline, organize, and update their wardrobes so they can get dressed with ease and always look stylish and feel confident. Any budget, any lifestyle, any body.  His business is Urbanite|Suburbanite, and he works with clients to develop a modern, current, versatile wardrobe that expresses personal style rather than trends. Paul is based in the SF Bay Area, and remote wardrobe & style coaching is available for out-of-towners. Visit Paul’s website  for more style advice, and follow him on Facebook , and Instagram to stay up to date on the best styling tips and tricks.

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