Cozy Comfy Hygge Style

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Hygge has arrived on our shores, thanks to the Danes.  And what, you might be asking, is Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh).  It’s a Danish term defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”  The word is actually related to the English word “hug”.  The Danes have long embraced this as a lifestyle which helps them cope with those long dark winters.  And by the way, the Danes are considered the happiest people on the planet.

The “hygge” lifestyle is now being embraced everywhere and is becoming a major trend in everything from fashion to furnishings.  Think fire places, cashmere blankets, candles, good food, wine, friends gathering together to “hygee” and you get the picture.  Hey we’re all for comfort everything and enjoying the simple things in life.  So here are a few “hygee” items that will get you in the mood.

 A super soft and cozy blanket.  This beautiful snugly blanket is designed for luxurious feel and elegance, perfect for snuggling up on the couch, bed, and chilling out.  Amazon. $27.99.

Comfy Indoor Felt Shoes. Made by Glerups, a Danish shoe company, these unixex indoor felt shoes, are made
with 100% pure natural wool. The fleece is washed in lime-free water for a pure look and colored with eco-friendly dies. Fitted on the bottoms are soles made of soft calf’s skin for superior comfort. Kick back and keep warm. Amazon. $94.95.

Aromatherapy Candles. Make your home a Hygee fragrance oasis with Art Naturals’ Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles. Each candle will conjure up a mood from the moment it begins to release its sensual scent. 3 candles from Amazon for $14.99.

COZY ZOE Cuddle Lounge Poncho. Talk about comfy, this is it. Was: $58.00. Now: $34.80. Nordstrom.

Sunset Mugs. For your Hygee cup of tea of hot coca with your friends. Set of 4 Mug (18 oz.). Target. $44.99.

Macrame Throw Pillow. Throw a few of these around for Hygee comfort. Target $22.99.

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