Cozy PJs and Slippers

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Is there anything more indulgent than a day spent in your pajamas? Well here are some cozy choices that will make that day even more indulgent. Grab a book, binge watch, and just chill.

Cozy PJs and Slippers

PajamaGram Super Soft Pajamas Soft fleece, oversize and super comfy. $39.99 – $42.99. Available on Amazon

Memory Foam Flip Flop SlippersThe ultra soft insole, comforts your feet so they’ll never feel discomfort – Easily slides on and the  light weight lets you walk effortlessly. $18.99 Amazon.

Cozy PJs and Slippers

Slip into Satin.These light weight satin pjs, will great again your skin and you’ll have a sound sleep.  With nearly 2,000 excellent reviews, and a price that can’t be beat. $28.98 Amazon.

Amazon Pine Leather Moccasin Slipper.This is a great deal. 100% Genuine Suede Upper with Faux Fur Lining.Leaher sole for light outside use. Only $20 at Amazon.

Cozy PJs and Slippers

100% Mulberry Silk.You’ll feel like a million bucks in these relaxed fit 100% silk pajamas.  $243.00 Amazon.

Velvet Memory Foam.Premium Velvet Upper decorated with circled feather accents makes a pair of cozy, chic and elegant slippers. $16.99 Amazon.

Cozy PJs and Slippers

Soft Cotton Jersey PJs. Love the oversized top and leggings. $34.99 – $42.99 Amazon.

Isotoner Terry Ballerina.  $9.60 – $25.00 Amazon.

Cozy PJs and Slippers

Soft, Organic Cotton PJs.95% Organic cotton and 5% spandex,soft & lightweight for sleep, it will keep you warm at night especially in cold winter, and won’t make you sweat at night like other material. $25.99 – $28.99 Amazon.

Minnetonka Slipper Moccasin. $29.91 – $44.95 Amazon.

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