Cure for the Late Summer Shopping Blues

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If you’re like us, seeing the stores filled with fall clothes is a little depressing, and we’re just not ready to think about fall in August. And we can’t tell you how many “summer bargains” have sat in our closet only to be discarded the following summer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shop. Here are three items we’re loving – a fabulous leg bronzer (good for all year long), beautifully crafted hats, and a “magic” bottle opener.

american legs bronzer, shopping finds, the three tomatoes Beautiful Tan Legs All Year Long

We’re really loving this leg bronzer the American Babe Bronzer from the Jessica Robertson Collection.  It’s  creamy and goes on very easily so that you don’t leave streaks or spots you forgot.  And unlike a lot of sunless tanning products, it doesn’t dry out your legs. This is not your run-of-the-mill bronzer, and the formula contains anti-aging AND slimming ingredients, like green tea extract.  You’ll get a beautiful, streak free, even tan within 24-48 hours. It’s perfect not just for summer legs, but anytime you want your legs to go nude. 12oz bottle retails for $28.00 or .50 packets retail for $4.80 at  And check out their other products too.

hats, shopping finds, the three tomatoesHat Lovers Rejoice!

One of our favorite tomatoes, Edna Kauffman who was a finalist in our in 2014 Tomatoes Got Talent Show, is not only a brilliant chanteuse, but is always dressed to the nines.  And if anyone can bring back wearing hats to lunch, she can.  This is one of the fabulous hats that she and daughter design, along with other fun crafts. You can buy this one at their online shop for just $40.

nordstrom ads, the three tomatoes


magic opener, shopping finds, the three tomatoesOpen Bottles Like Magic

Okay, tomatoes, here’s one of those “as seen on TV” products that actually work.  It’s called the Magic Opener, an all-purpose gadget for all ages.  The magic Opener combines the three most common types of beverage openers into a single easy-to-use product. It is portable and can be kept in your purse, backpack or glove compartment. That way, you’ll never have to struggle with piercing metal caps, stubborn twist tops, or nail-chipping pull tabs ever again. And because it’s magnetic, you stick it on your refrigerator or any easy to grab place.  It’s $19.99 and now there’s an extreme version that opens cans too. Watch the video.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Arlene Dreyer says:

    As a dedicated shopper, I enjoyed your shopping tips. The crafts created by my BFF caught my eye. Not only is Edna Kaufmann a talented diva, her crafts are exceptional. I would wear that hat in a heartbeat! Arlene

  2. Cheryl Benton Cheryl Benton says:

    Thanks Arlene. Edna is awesome.

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